Every book I read by Richard Paolinelli is better than the one before. His latest book is brimming with adventure and twists and turns. Galen and Rhiannon, the main characters, have great chemistry together.

Rhiannon has been kidnapped from her home planet and Galen has been hired by her father the King to rescue her. Once he finds where she’s being held, he also finds three other women held captive. Mystery and intrigue abounds.

This book was extremely hard to put down. Highly recommended and definitely a MUST read!” – 5-Star Amazon Review by P.M. Smith


Paolinelli is crafting a sci-fi universe of depth, mystery, and heroism, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Star Wars burst on the scene back in 1977.

When Galen wakes from his coma, healed from his ordeal at the end of Galen’s Way, he doesn’t get to sit back an enjoy life with Rhea, the princess he had previously rescued.

Rather, he has to immediately save her from assassination, rescue her father, and just to top it off, form the seed of a rebellion against and evil dictator. Galen is an archetypal hero – uncompromising, a natural leader, with no desire to rule. He knows what’s right and does it without hesitation, and doesn’t much care what you think about it.

That is exactly what makes these books so refreshing. The heroic ideal isn’t mocked or deconstructed, it’s held up as an ideal for all of us to follow. This is best scene at the end of the book through Galen’s speech to his fellow rebels. It’s a call to heroism that will leave you feeling ready to take up your sword and find some evil to smite.” – 5-Star Amazon Review by E. Postma


“Captivating and Entertaining Sci-Fi Novel…A Must-Read! This was yet another incredible sci-fi read. The depth of world-building and character development was so rich and amazing to behold.

The intense action and layers of mythos that the author builds upon help elevate the narrative to the literary stratosphere. Readers will be invested instantly by the wild atmosphere and changing landscapes of the narrative’s setting, getting lost in the author’s world for hours.

What stood out to me much like the first book in the series was the way in which the author utilized and developed these rich characters throughout the narrative.

The evolution and journey both Rhea and Galen go on to save the King and protect one another in the process were equally balanced and allowed them to showcase the depth of the impact this journey has had on them individually and as a group overall.” – 5-Star Amazon review by Anthony Avila


“I picked this one up a while back, but only decided to move it up in the queue when it hit the Dragon Award Nominees for 2017. Wow, am I glad I did. What an an amazing ride! When I started reading it, it went something like this:

First, the Earth blew up. It was done in the most AMAZING way… by accident! Then I found myself lost in BFE with two architectural engineers and I was going WTF just happened? That’s when I saw the Infinity Hotel out in the middle of nowhere and realized this was going to be one of those ‘try to keep up’ books.

Challenge Accepted!

The plot… OMG the plot!… is non-stop whiplash where the hell is this thing going and why is it so good! (<–intentional run-on sentence) The characters… well, there are really only three important ones, but trust me, you will know all about them before it’s over with.

I really can’t say enough good things about how fun this book was to read. It was genuinely refreshing, and it was a mix of so many genres in one! Some of them are not even my typical reading fare, but they were written so well, so engrossingly, that I could not put it down.

5 HUGE stars for this book, and much appreciation to Mr. Paolinelli for writing it! I call it an INFINITELY AWESOME READ!”  – 5-Star Amazon Review by Wampuscat


“The modern-day story mythology fans have all been waiting for can at last be read and enjoyed by readers everywhere thanks to author Richard Paolinelli.

His latest novel When The Gods Fell is a sci-fi/ fantasy wonder that is difficult to even summarize because there is so much that happens within this story, but if readers should know anything before starting Paolinelli’s latest novel, it is this: that they are in for one heck of an enjoyable ride.

When The Gods Fell has everything: prophecies, space travel, gods, God, mythology, theology, politics, plotting, alliances, backstabbing, the past, the present, the future, the list goes on and on.

It is a story to boggle the mind as it shoots down every assumption readers come up with and leaves them undoubtedly wanting more come its riveting conclusion. There is another important element that goes hand in hand with Paolinelli’s mythology references and those are the references to Christianity.

No more can really be said due to possible spoilers, but there are so many levels of this story and these levels, both mythological and theological, truly reveal just how creative Paolinelli is with his storytelling.” – 5-Star Amazon Review by Alicia C. Smock


“I really enjoyed this sci-fi book, and from the opening chapters, I was sucked into the narrative. Paolinelli skilfully blends scientific accuracy with compelling characters that pop off the page.

As a science writer, I found the premise engaging and plausible, the characters to be psychologically profound and the suspense gripping.

The story is clear, and the prose lucid and is a short and engaging read for lovers of high concept narrative. Recommended.” – 5-Star Amazon Review by Anthony Lee


“The author has a great respect for Native American Culture. He uses his character Jack Del Rio to show the differences between modern American culture and Reservation culture of the southwest. Jack is respectful and attempts to understanding the culture of the Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo reservation. Using native mythos to enhance the fear and repugnance of a serial killer.

Jack is a remarkably understanding FBI agent sent to figure out phenomenal serial murders of the tribal leadership. He finds piece by piece the information that allows him to catch the killer.

The greatest difficulty is the cultural divide between himself and the NNPD, and the tribal leaders. They both do not trust each other, making the situation even more dangerous to the remaining leaders, and the agent himself.

The mythos, has been used by the killer to frighten both his tribal neighbors, and the political elements that surround him.” – 5-Star Amazon Review by Theresa H.