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EI_DRAGON_COVER BADGEEscaping Infinity –  2017 Dragon Award Finalist, 2018 CLFA Book of the Year Finalist, 2017 Readers’ Favorite Honorable Mention, 2017 New Apple Summer E-Books Official Selection, 2017 ETWG Best Book Cover (2nd Place).

The fate of a ruined world rests on the one person who can save it. The problem is: That person is trapped inside a hotel with no exits and where time no longer exists. Do you think you can solve the mystery that is the Infinity Hotel?

Available in Kindle, Print and Audiobook formats.


New COver copyWhen The Gods Fell   This game of thrones takes place on ancient Mars and is available right now on Amazon on Kindle and in print formats.

Two centuries of intrique, betrayal, exile and assassination have reached a breaking point. Now, a civil war on Olympus places the fate of two worlds – the future of one and the past of the other – into a new light for the first human crew to land on Mars.

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Maelstrom – The man responsible for the deaths of several billion human beings is Earth’s only hope for the one million human beings remaining alive in the universe. Can Dr. Steven Collins save his world, his fellowman and his soul?

Richard’s first full-length sci-fi novel is still in print and on Kindle as well.




Jack Del Rio Trilogy – Originally published by Oak Tree Press and then by Argus Books, the Del Rio series has been re-released, along with the series finale, Endgames, by Tuscany Bay Books.


RESERVATIONS  Death stalks the Navajo Reservation in supernatural form and FBA Agent Jack Del Rio has been assigned to hunt down the killer before he strikes again. Can Del Rio weave his way through treachery and Navajo lore in time to save the Navajo Nation’s President?



BETRAYALS –  Del Rio is recovering from the events of his case in the Southwest only tobetrayals-5-star-copy discover a decades-old plot to overthrow the government of the United States and hand the country over to an old enemy. But to save the Union, he may have to assassinate the one man he is sworn to protect – the President of the United States.            




ENDGAMES  –  Del Rio is now a hunted man, by his enemies and his own country. His last stand will take him across the globe as he fights the last remnants of the conspiracy with the fate of the free world hanging in the balance.





JACK DEL RIO TRILOGY – Get all three books in one complete volume on Kindle or in print right here.







The Last Lonely Trail – co-written with Jim Christina – this story of justice and revenge is Richard’s first – but not last – foray into the western genre.





Secret Stairs – Based on the urban legend of stairs in the woods, Richard was one of 34 authors to contribute to the Silver Empire Publishing anthology.

His story, Nothing Ever Happens Here, is the first story in the collection.



Sherlock Holmes Anthologies – Richard has been a part of three incredible collections of original Sherlock Holmes pastiches released by Belanger Books. “A Lesson In Mercy” appears in Beyond Watson and sees the great detective come to the aide of a young Winston Churchill.




In the two-volume collection, Holmes Away From Home: Tales From the Great Hiatus, Richard’s story “The Woman Returns” (Vol. 2) chronicles a never before revealed adventure between Holmes and Irene Adler.




And finally, in the two-volume collection, Sherlock Holmes Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells, Richard’s story “The Misplaced Mystery Writer” (Vol. 2) sees Holmes and Watson travel on Wells’ time machine in pursuit of Edgar Allan Poe, who has gone missing in late 1880’s London.


My Peculiar Family, Vol . 2 – Coming summer 2018. Richard’s story, Spinster’s Manor, is part of this sequel.


To Be Men –  In this anthology celebrating men and masculinity, Richard’s story, The Last Hunt, tells the tale of a lone hunter. His prey is the last remaining threat to the well-being and survival of his family and his people. But despite the price the hunter will pay, the hunter will carry out his sworn duty as a protector.


Planetary Anthology – this 11-book series published by Superversive Press is being released throughout 2018. Richard has seven stories that have either been accepted or are being considered for the following volumes:

Sol – At Homeworld’s End. Pending.


Earth Cover art


Earth –   Extinction Point. Adam Armstrong, a descendant of the first man on the moon, departs for a mission to be the first human to depart our solar system. But the answers he finds out there may be more terrifying than he ever imagined.



Luna – Polar Shift. Accepted and the release date is pending.

Jupiter – Icarus Falls. Pending.

Uranus – The Last Human. Pending.

Neptune – The 13th Medallion. Pending.

Pluto – Richard’s story, Yes, Neil D. Tyson, Pluto Is A Planet, will be part of this collection that Richard is co-editing with Dawn Witzke.






Perfection’s Arbiter – A non-fiction biography of the life of former Major League Baseball player and National League umpire, Babe Pinelli.




From The Fields – A historical review of high school football played in the Central California city of Turlock, California from the very first game in 1920 through the conclusion of the 2014 season.




A Zombie Christmas Carol –  This satirical parody should put even the most cheerful holiday goer into a good and proper grim mood for the season.


The Invited – No longer in print/ebook. A novella about what happens when the people of Earth put out the welcome mat and the first interstellar species accepts the invitation. However, it is included at the back of the novel, Maelstrom, as a bonus story.



Legacy of Death – No longer in print/ebook. A mystery-thriller novella set in modern day San Francisco as a Police Inspector chases after a serial killer with a supernatural connection.