Nice First Day Of Summer Surprise

So my first day of summer begins with this 5-Star review of Escaping Infinity…

“Richard Paolinelli’s “Escaping Infinity” is a damn good read. It has the vibe of a “Twilight Zone Episode” while also reminding me of the film “Dark City”, while building up into something truly sensational. The story works so well because the writing is meticulous as it is entertaining, blending together aspects of mystery, sci-fi, and dare I say the paranormal? All the twists and turns really make you question where the story will go next. All the while, I truly felt like a guest of the Infinity, which was both chilling and exciting. I was urged to keep reading to figure out what step our daring Peter would take next to get out of the purgatory he finds himself trapped in.
My only complaint was the Liz back story section. I personally felt it could have been split up into two parts, but it doesn’t distract because the story keeps moving at a furious pace. Paolinelli manages to capture the epic scope of the scenes.
Overall, this is a very solid piece of science fiction that explores so many ideas it will damn near melt your brain trying to absorb them all on the first go. I can’t really go into them without going into spoiler territory, but pick up a copy of this novel today and see for yourself.”

Thanks for the great review Joshua!!!!


A Place To Call Home

The problem with Barnes & Noble, and Borders when it was open, was that their shelves were lined with books from the big traditional publishers. There simply wasn’t any bookshelf space to be found for the independently published.

We’re hoping to change that.

Together with my good friend Jim Christina, host of The Writer’s Block radio show in Los Angeles, we are looking to open an honest-to-god brick and mortar store in Simi Valley – in the northwestern portion of the vast Los Angeles area – which will house only independently produced books, music and other arts produced by artists across the country.

We also intend to open the place to area writers and other artists groups for signings, meetings, etc, and all with the idea of supporting independent artists.

But, to do this requires financing and here’s where you come in. If you would like to support such an endeavor we have set up a campaign on GoFundMe. Any and all donations to our cause will be greatly appreciated, not only by Jim and I, but by all of the small independent artists that you will be helping out.

Here’s the link:

And thank you for your support.

Writing Beverages

Quite a few readers of my sci-fi novel, Escaping Infinity, have asked me what I was smoking or drinking when I wrote it. I’m taking it as a compliment because those questions are usually followed by a lot of praise for the book.

This is one example from a 4-star review posted on Amazon: “One surmises the author was having a glass of wine (or two) while listening to Hotel California and came up with this science fiction story. Hey, inspiration comes from the most random spark and this idea is great! Bravo..

I don’t often imbibe adult beverages while writing. If anything, I have a glass of Dr. Pepper at hand during my writing sessions. But when I do it is one of two drinks and I figured why not share them with you.

The first is a classic: 7&7. Yep, Seagram’s Seven, 7-up and ice.

The second is a concoction of my own design. I call it Scribe’s Elixir and here’s how you make it:

In a tall glass, place 5 large cubes of ice. Place a slice of lime on top of the ice. Slowly pour one shot of Southern Comfort on top of the lime, allowing the liquor to slowly drain down the ice to the bottom of the glass. Fill remainder of glass with Dr. Pepper.


And if Dr. Pepper is not your thing (and if it isn’t, what the hell is wrong with you?  j/k) you can swap out Dr. Pepper with Coke – which makes it a Scribe’s Delight.

Warning, I tried it with Pepsi. Once. We will not speak of that experiment ever again.

So there it is, this writer’s beverage of choice while at work. Why don’t you head over to Amazon, order a copy of my book: ( ) whip up a tall glass of Scribe’s Elixir and enjoy.


Dear CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and all of its news and entertainment shows,

HodgkinsonThis is the new face of your networks.

Dear USA Today, NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, McClatchy News Services, Associated Press and every newspaper and online news sites based in the United States.

This is the new face of your publications.

Dear Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and every member of the Democrat Party – both in leadership, Congress and rank-and-file members.

This is the new face of your party.

Dear Occupy (Insert whatever), Wikileaks, Huffington Post, Twitter, Facebook and all of the other leftist organizations and groups across the United States.

This is the new face of your organizations, the new face you will see looking back at you in the mirror every morning from now on.

This is your new mascot, James T. Hodgkinson. He is your Frankenstein monster. You meticulously created him over the years with your vitriol aimed at conservatives. You jolted him to life over the past few months as you ramped up your hate over one lost election.

You made him.

Now, you own him.

If you want to unshackle yourself from your monster, only one path remains to you. Enough with dehumanizing people who don’t agree with you. Enough making statements that signal to your monster – and all of those out there just like him that we haven’t discovered yet – that those on the other side are sub-human and not fit to walk the Earth. Enough posting pictures of a beheaded President and laughing it off as a joke. Enough supporting plays and movies that show an assassinated Republican President or a President murdered in the way Julius Ceaser was slain, and claiming it is “just art.”

You all need to take a very long look at yourselves and what you are doing and change. Otherwise, you are liable – just as Victor Frankenstein was – to wind up being destroyed by one of those very monsters that you have created.

Finally, DC gets it right

Growing up as a kid moving across the west, reading a comic book in the backseat of our family car as we moved on to the next location for my father’s drilling business, was commonplace.

My two favorite were Batman and Wonder Woman. I never cared for Superman because he was too much of a Boy Scout for my tastes and I never could get into the Marvel books. (Calm down, I’m a huge Marvel fan now!)

So when DC’s latest run of movies – post Christopher Nolan – started out with an okay Man of Steel and a dismal Batman vs. Superman, I was concerned that DC was completely incapable of making a superhero movie worth watching. Not to mention ever getting onto the same playing field that Marvel has been dominating for some time now.

When I first heard they were going to do a Wonder Woman standalone, I worried they’d botch it so bad we’d never see Diana on the big screen again. When they first announced Gal Gadot would play the lead, my concern grew.

But Gadot’s somewhat limited role in Bats vs Supes gave me my first glimmer of hope. She was the only actor on the screen worth watching throughout the film.

So this past weekend I finally made my way to my local cineplex and watched Wonder Woman. My response?


Seriously, just turn over total control of the DC Universe to Patty Jenkins and give her a blank check. That’s how good Wonder Woman was. Because it’s still relatively new, I’m not going to run any spoilers.

But quite frankly there wasn’t a single misstep I saw in the entire film. Story, backstory and character development was exquisitely done.

If this is a hint of things to come – less of Snyder’s dark doom and gloom and more of Jenkins masterful storytelling – then perhaps we can finally have the DC movies we’ve been waiting for in what seems like forever.



One last word….

…about the folks over at Vile770 (aka File 770, aka A hive of scum and villainy) and I am never typing another word about them here. Ever.

This is all I have to say to the person who runs it and every single creature in the cesspool of extremist social justice scum that regularly swim in it: