So You Got An Amazon Gift Card Yesterday?

Hey, you there with the Amazon Gift Card you got yesterday. Check out this anthology of 21 incredible short stories based on the Roman God and the planet named for him: Pluto. Better yet, for the next three days its on sale: $3.99 on Kindle and free on KU.   Planetary Anthology Series: Pluto  … Continue reading So You Got An Amazon Gift Card Yesterday?

Planetary Anthology Series: Pluto

Tuscany Bay Books presents the first book in its Planetary Anthology Series: Pluto. Twenty-one tales of death and great wealth. Sci-fi/Fantasy adventures told by today's up and coming authors. Pluto, the Roman god of death and wealth, ruled the underworld far away from all of the other gods. So it was only fitting when, in… Continue reading Planetary Anthology Series: Pluto