Every 50 Reviews

Ok, here’s the deal.

From now on, whenever one of my books (not an anthology I am in mind you, but one of my own novels) hits 50 reviews, I will randomly pick one of my followers on Social Media (Twitter/FB or my mailing list here) to win a signed copy of that book.

This repeats every 50 reviews for each book.

Here is the Amazon link for my author page for all of my books:


A Scribe’s Journey Episode 2 And Future Guests

Couple of items to share from my weekly video podcast, A Scribe’s Journey.

First, Episode 2 is live right here: A Scribe’s Journey: Episode 2: Gibson Michaels

Second, the show is currently booked with guest authors through the end of March. Not bad for a show that just launched two weeks ago, eh? Check out the list of upcoming guests here . And if you are an author and want to be on the show to talk about your book(s) and your journey to becoming a writer, just drop a line to this e-mail address: ascribesjourney@gmail.com