C’mon California, Be Better

One of the many places I’ve called home over the years is the Bay Area of California, namely, Half Moon Bay. Loved it there. Hated to leave but man, that cost of living was a killer on a poor scribe’s budget.

Because getting to San Francisco required driving up the 280 (Highway 1 occasionally was closed due to mudslides back then until the built that fancy new tunnel south of Pacifica) we drove past this structure almost daily:


Yeah, it’s a Flintstone’s house. And it’s kind of weird looking where it’s located, but its also kind of goofy fun too. The dinosaurs are a more recent addition, one that wasn’t there when I lived there. I wish they had been, as it would have really been something to see.

Those dinosaurs are at the center of a kerfluffle today. Seems the City of Hillsborough wants them gone. They are fining the property owner, a kindly old lady who recently purchased the unwanted property, added the statues and opened it up for local children to enjoy, for “unpermitted improvements to the property”.

Funny, I wasn’t aware that any city had the right to dictate lawn statuary. As long as they aren’t obscene (these aren’t), pose a health risk (they don’t), or otherwise impede traffic – human, car or air – (these clearly don’t) then I’m not seeing the problem here.

This crap right here is how you get to be called Nazis, City of Hillsborough, and a prime example of why I moved out of the Socialistic Republic of Kaliforniastan last year.

Be better, California. Leave an old woman alone and quit trying to nanny your citizens to death.

Check out the story on what Hillsborough is doing here: Hillsborough Goes Full Nazi on Flintstones House

And then join me in e-mailing your displeasure over their actions to the Mayor, vice-Mayor and the entire Hillsborough City Council via their official city e-mail accounts. (Keep it clean. We want to make these people realize they are wrong and change course.):