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Richard’s upcoming releases:


Timeless (Book #2):

Secret Of The Sphynx

Timeless_Book_2_V2 copyCaptain Rock Congo, First Mate Little John Singapore and the crew of the time-traveling pirate ship, Timeless, continue their pursuit of interstellar thief, Duchess Moran. In the second installment of the series, the iconic statue of ancient Egypt hides a secret and Moran wants it. If she gets her hands on what lies within a hidden chamber, Earth’s history will never be the same.

Scheduled release date: February 2019


Firstborn’s Curse

Italian_School_-_Cain_Killing_Abel,_mid-17th_century,_(Gaetano_Gandolfi,_1734-1802)After Cain murdered his brother, Abel, God placed a mark upon Cain. Many believe the mark served as a warning to others not to lay a hand upon Cain.

They were wrong.

Scheduled release date: April 2019


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