When The Gods Fell

When The Gods Fell

All of our origin stories are wrong!




“I have waited for this day for many millions of your years,” the woman continued. “I feared that you would not come in time.” “Who are you?” Matsuo asked, the first of the two men to find his voice. “My name is Oracle Veritas,” she replied, “I am of the House of Delphi in the Caste Olympia. I have been tasked to tell you our story. There is much to tell and precious little time to tell it.” “Why?” Buffa asked. “Because a dark force is rising up once again,” the strange woman replied. “And I fear that this time it will destroy us once and for all.” * * * The first mission to Mars discovers our origin stories were wrong. Earth’s gods, led by Zeus, Odin, Ra, and Lucifer, waged a terrible war on the Red Planet millions of years ago; but the final battle still looms, and Earth will be the final battlefield.

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