Acosta Is An Activist Now, Not A Journalist

There is a difference between journalism and activism. A journalist seeks to record an event accurately, then lay out the who, what, why, when and how of the story in a fair and impartial way. The journalist allows the reader to draw their own conclusions without trying to sway them by “spinning” or “slanting” the story in a specific way. An activist almost always discards inconvenient facts in order to “spin” or “slant” their narrative – sometimes referred to as “their truth” – in order to sway the uninformed reader to their way of thinking. I was a journalist for … Continue reading Acosta Is An Activist Now, Not A Journalist

Media bias? Yes, it does exist.

So we’ve been hearing CNN’s Jim Acosta and his brethren rail against being called “the enemies of the American people” by President Trump. Gee, I wonder why they are labeled that way? Journalist says win by GOP candidate would “Suck” I spent over two decades in newsrooms, with reporters from all over the country, before hanging it up in 2010. I can guarantee you that similar remarks are being made daily in newsrooms wherever a Republican candidate is on the verge of defeating a Democrat. I recall the 1996 cycle when an editor at the paper I was working at … Continue reading Media bias? Yes, it does exist.

Time To Thin The Sideline Herd, NFL

So apparently, today is Sports Day on my blog. Hey, I did cover sports for more than 25 years so every once in a while I’m going to talk sports. Earlier, I told you why I am suspending my fandom of the Los Angeles Lakers. So now I want to discuss an issue I have with football – at all levels and no, it doesn’t involve anything that goes on in between the sidelines. It is what happens outside the boundaries that annoys me, and has for some time. There are too many people standing there and many of them … Continue reading Time To Thin The Sideline Herd, NFL

Dear Elizabeth Warren,…

Stop it. Seriously, Senator, enough is enough. The “DNA Test” results you released yesterday are laughable. They were also unneccessary. No one – well no one capable of logical thought – believes for one second that you have a legitimate claim to being “Native American”. And no one buys your claim that you’ve never used that claim to advance yourself on several occassions. There are just too many proven instances where you have done just that. Unlike you, I can point directly at the ancestor on my maternal side who was Cherokee, and at my third great-grandmother, she gives me … Continue reading Dear Elizabeth Warren,…