New Reads Are Out


Planetary Anthology: Earth and To Be Men, anthologies by Superversive Press, are available for purchase. I have a story in each of these very fine volumes that I hope you will enjoy. BTW, there are over a dozen stories in each volume written by many other amazing writers that I really am sure that you will enjoy too.

So order your paperback copy or download your copy on Kindle at the links above.


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Putting On My Editor’s Hat Again

There’s a new website that launched on April 2, 2018. You can find it here: and it covers the wonderful genre of Urban Fantasy. I recently told you about Secret Stairs: Tribute To Urban Legend, an anthology of 34 short stories that I was fortunate to be a part of. It was published by Silver Empire Publishing about a month ago and has been at or just below the #1 Horror Anthology on Amazon.

Well Russell Newquist, who runs Silver Empire, was so thrilled with how Secret Stairs has done he decided to launch a website to explore the entire genre in books, on television and in movies. He reached out to me, given my 20+ years experience with running newspaper departments, to serve as the website’s Managing Editor and I happily accepted the position.

We’ve already started posting content to the site with much more to come. So give it a look and be sure to let us know what you think of it.

Spilling Ink Appearance

The 19th episode of Season 3 of Spilling Ink features myself and my The Writer’s Block co-hort, Jim Christina. Check out the show on YouTube right here: Spilling Ink.

Latest Anthology Release!

Secret Stairs, published by Silver Empire Publishing, and based on the urban legends of CoverDraft2mysterious stairs in the woods, will be released sometime in February and the 34-story volume will include my story, Nothing Ever Happens Here.

As soon as a purchase link becomes available I will post it.

But for now, check out this amazing cover!






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Upcoming Releases


The Last Lonely Trail

by Richard Paolinelli and Jim Christina


This tale of justice and vengeance sees a U.S. Marshal hunting the men who murdered the last remaining members of his family alongside a young Texas Ranger with orders to run down and kill the men who murdered the Governor’s beloved nephew.

The men will chase their quarry across the American Plains until none are left standing and God help anyone who gets in their way.

Release Date: February 2018



Eerie by Gibson Michaels

This sci-fi/fantasy hybrid was Michaels’ fourth book and he was working on it when he passed away in 2017. Fellow Dragon Award Finalist Richard Paolinelli has taken up the project and will finish this grand story on behalf of his fallen friend and fellow author.


Another Award For Escaping Infinity

The Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards released their list of winners today. In the Fiction – Science Fiction category, Escaping Infinity, was awarded an Honorable Mention. It’s the fourth honor my novel has received this summer. Here’s what I get to display on my book cover:


And on my wall above my desk now sits this:


Thank you to the judges who voted for Escaping Infinity. You can see what they saw in it for yourself right here:

Escaping Infinity on Amazon