Every Friday I will add a new book here – sometimes sci-fi, sometimes fantasy and sometimes horror – for you to check out. Better yet, the book will be absolutely free for you to download on your Kindle device on Amazon – even if you don’t have a Kindle Unlimited account. That’s right, the books listed below are absolutely, drive-it-like-you-stole-it, free!

You just can’t beat a deal like that, can you?

41pivQOv89LThis week it is: Pilot Error, A Galactic Cold War Story, by Dan Moren

It’s been six months—six endless months—since former starfighter pilot Eli Brody helped Simon Kovalic and his team of Commonwealth covert operatives take on a terrorist organization on his home planet of Caledonia. But instead of being swept up in a new life of intrigue and excitement, Eli has instead been tasked with sharpening his rusty piloting skills on routine asteroid mining missions.

But, as he’s about to discover, those missions can quickly become anything but routine…

So get your copy now. Did I mention that it is free?