Day Off? What’s That?

Yeah, it is Sunday. Yeah, I’m watching football. But that doesn’t mean I have the day off. Welcome to the life of an Indie writer, even a hybrid writer like I am for that matter.

Here’s my day today:

Signed a contract for a short story that will appear in the Sherlock Holmes Adventures in the Realms of Edgar Allan Poe anthology by Belanger Books.

Did an interview that will run with the Kickstarter for the aforementioned anthology.

Did show prep for tomorrow’s show recording of A Scribe’s Journey. London-based author Benedict J. Jones is this week’s guest. It should be a very good, spooky show. (Maybe I should have scheduled it for next month?)

Outlined the four short stories I need to complete for anthologies before the end of October – totaling about 16,000 words.

Tended to some editor’s work on the Pluto anthology.

Got in some marketing for published works.

Oh, yeah, and I wrote a blog post.

I need a day off. But don’t worry, I have one scheduled… January 16, 2020.


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Books 3 & 4 of the Timeless Series

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up copies of my Space Opera/Steampunk/Time-traveling Space Pirates novella series yet, you really should correct the oversight.

The Timeless (Book #1) and Secret of the Sphinx (Book #2) are out and available in print and e-book formats across several platforms. (Links below)

The next two books are scheduled for release very soon. Odin’s Runes (Book #3) will come out around Thanksgiving Day and Empire of the Golden Dragon (Book #4) will be released around Christmas Day. Check out the recently finished covers:

odins runes copy

empire copy


The final two books of the series – Blackbeard’s Treasure (#5) and The Last Quest (#6) – should be out before spring of 2020. They are loads of fun to read and suitable for readers as young as age 10 that will also be enjoyable to readers as old as 110.

Here’s the links for the two books currently available. You can get The Timeless for $0.99 as an e-book while Secret of the Sphinx is currently $1.99. Print copies go for $7.99 each:


1564615499The Timeless E-Book Amazon

The Timeless Print Format

The Timeless E-Book Other Platforms






Secret of the Sphinx E-Book Amazon

Secret of the Sphinx Print Format

Secret of the Sphinx E-Book Other Platforms


In Case You Were Wondering About Yesterday…

You might have noticed this post yesterday: Dear Wayback Machine and have been wondering what prompted it.

Well, it goes back to our good friend ChinaMike, the Lord of the House of 770 Vile Aromas, and his many minions (Camelflop, Frau Butthurt and others). They like to cherry-pick authors websites – usually in an attempt to attack said author by taking said cherry-picked portion of his or her website out of context. By not linking directly to the site this bars the ability to examine the rest of the website and getting an accurate read on the author in question.

China_Mike-ExposedIn ChinaMike’s case it also reveals a little bit of his character. He is such a creature of website traffic he once had Chinese Web Bots coming to his site to artificially inflate his traffic hits. He was called on it when he posted a screenshot of his traffic numbers that showed 92.7% of his hits were coming from China. (Pictured)

Since then, his numbers are well below what they once were. But he seems to think everyone else sits and worries about their website numbers too. Actually, most don’t. We’re too busy writing books or creating other sci-fi/fantasy media and selling them to worry about that. So he uses the Internet Archive to cherry-pick while – he thinks – hurting the target by denying them clicks on their site.

So I got the idea yesterday that since I have copyrighted material on my site, I have the legal standing to contact Internet Archive and serve them a DMCA to remove any and all instances of my website from their service. I did so, professionally, and they responded very professionally and agreed to do so after I proved that I was the legal owner of my website.

If they want to link to something on our sites, they will do so to the actual sites. No more Wayback Machine links.

Screenshot (19)

Yesterday’s post was one of the options I was given to prove to their satisfaction that I had the right to make the request. I could have chosen a more private method, but this one served a second purpose.

It served public notice to ChinaMike and his minions that they could no longer do this, sets a precedent for me to contact their individual ISPs and request that they remove any mention of my website on these individuals websites for the same reason and, I hope, serves as a road map for other authors who have been similarly targeted.

It is time we took away these toys from these Internet brats until they grow up enough to use them properly.



Really, Facebook? Really?

Facebook has sent Larry Correia back to Facebook jail for linking to his blog post regarding ChinaMike, Lord of the House of 770 Vile Aromas, refusing to take down a link to pirated material from the legal copyright owner of the material in question.

Facebook is now bullying people who are standing up to Internet bullies.

Check out the post that Fail, er I mean, Facebook doesn’t want you to see right here:

And, by the way, fuck off and die, Mark Zuckerburg, you fascist POS.

Good News, Bad News

Great news: My two fantasy football teams are both going to start the season 2-0, barring one of the greatest second halves in the history of the NFL by Jarvis Landry of course.

Good news: It looks like the Troll Wars are over. The enemy has retired from the field. Aaron Pound got himself suspended from Twitter after encouraging violence against a woman in one of his tweets. A tweet I was only too happy to report to Twitter.

John Scalzi blocked me (although I have no idea why because I hadn’t mentioned him in months) and now the Aussie Asshat, Camestros Felapton, did this:

Screenshot (18)

Which is fine by me. ChinaMike, the Lord of the House of 770 Vile Aromas, is jousting with Richard Fox and Larry Correia. It seems ChinaMike posted a link to copyrighted material owned by Richard, material that was not meant to be open to the public at large, and when he was asked to remove the link from his Google-scrape website he went full ChinaMike. Which is to say: He went full asshat. Larry’s breaks down the insanity we’ve come to expect from ChinaMike in the link above.

Some PeopleFortunately for me, ChinaMike hasn’t spent too much time with me. But, I will admit that the last two or three times he has mentioned me there it has led to a spike in book sales. His last (known to me) mention helped promote the Helicon Awards to a lot of folks who were unaware they existed. So thanks for that! And as an added bonus, he’s not being a pain in my ass troll anymore.

Which really only left our good friend, the Great Lady Cora Butthurt. Cora’s troll game is, well, non-existent. And she is in such a state of the vapors over the 2019 Dragon Awards results that she can hardly put together two words – in English or German. So continuing the battle against her alone seems pointless. She was muted before. She’s blocked now.

So, it seems the War is over and I’m still here and still writing. I’m also still publishing and being published by traditional publishers. I have stories in at least three anthologies being released in October alone.

Now, for the Bad News: This means that The Corvo will likely be the final book of the Divine Trolls Comedies series. Scalzi’s Inferno was supposed to be Book 4, the final book of the seven-book series. Yes, the last three books were a joke and were never going to be written, much less published.

The entire series was nothing more than a satirical parody of my trolls. But since they have given up the game it seems unnecessary to write the final book. Which is a shame, because oh, the triggering that would have resulted.

Now, for the Greater News: That means more time for me to get back to work on the other serious projects and give you readers more great stories to enjoy. Starting with the next two stories in the Timeless series.

1564615499The Timeless, the first book of the series, recently collected Official Selection in the New Apple Summer E-Books for 2019. Its a Space Opera/Steampunk extravaganza that can be read and enjoyed by readers ages 10-110. Secret of the Sphinx is the second installment and is available in print and e-book formats.

Book #3 is Odin’s Runes which should be out around Nov. 1st with Book #4, Empire of the Golden Dragon, to follow shortly after. Trust me, there will be much more to follow.

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