A Scribe’s Journey Episode 2 And Future Guests

Couple of items to share from my weekly video podcast, A Scribe’s Journey.

First, Episode 2 is live right here: A Scribe’s Journey: Episode 2: Gibson Michaels

Second, the show is currently booked with guest authors through the end of March. Not bad for a show that just launched two weeks ago, eh? Check out the list of upcoming guests here . And if you are an author and want to be on the show to talk about your book(s) and your journey to becoming a writer, just drop a line to this e-mail address: ascribesjourney@gmail.com


Coming next week!

I was hoping to launch this today but getting A Scribe’s Journey launched has proven to be a more time-consuming task than I had anticipated.

That being said, next week I will launch a special features subscription area to this website. It will have text and video blog posts that will only be available to subscribers, sneak previews of upcoming releases, special offers, giveaways and my favorite – the 1,000-word serial.

Each week, I’ll post a new chapter, at least 1,000 words in length, of a novella. I’m going to start with Legacy of Death but after that 10-12 week run ends, it will be brand new, never before published and available nowhere else stories.

So keep an eye out here and I’ll post how to subscribe and all of the goodies you’ll be able to grab very soon.

In the meantime, check out my new podcast at the link above, or read one my great novels, or both.


Coming January 23rd

As 2018 wound down I was making a decision on the direction I wanted to go in 2019 with my writing. There’s a lot of changes coming, a lot of new things that will show up here on this website beginning next week.

But on Jan. 23rd there will be a new weekly podcast coming to YouTube. If you want to keep tabs on it and we close in on launch day over the next two weeks just head over here.

In the meantime, here’s a clue…

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