New Cover For My First SF Novel

My first sci-fi novel, Maelstrom, was released a few years back. I did the cover for it but never really felt like it was as good as it could be. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of SF/F covers and I think my work is improving.

So I set out to update the cover this week and I like the new version a whole lot more than the old. Check it out and, by the way, you can get the e-book now for just $2.99, that’s $2 off the old price!

New_Maelstrom_EBook_Cover copy


Not bad, eh? And the print edition is now just $12.99 ($3 off) with a whole new cover as well.

New_Maelstrom_Cover copy


So You Got An Amazon Gift Card Yesterday?

Hey, you there with the Amazon Gift Card you got yesterday.
Check out this anthology of 21 incredible short stories based on the Roman God and the planet named for him: Pluto. Better yet, for the next three days its on sale: $3.99 on Kindle and free on KU.
Also, until the end of this year, The Timeless, Book 1 of the Timeless series, is just $0.99.
And if you are looking to add a little mystery to your reading, check out the first book in the Del Rio series, Reservations. It’s on sale on Kindle for just $0.99 until the end of the year too.
Three great reads for just $5.97, how can you beat that?

Pluto is finally out, Luna up next

Back on Thursday the 5th, Tuscany Bay Books released its first entry in the Planetary Anthology Series: Pluto.

So now it is on to the next book in the series: Luna. The book will come out sometime in January but in the meantime, please enjoy the book trailer which lists all 22 authors you will find in this amazing addition to the series.

Official Book Trailer

Polar Shift (Jan. 2020)

Next Up In The Weekly 1K Serials

The weekly 1K serials resumes tomorrow. Previously, I’ve run three stories that were published in the past, but no longer available to be read online anywhere. That changes tomorrow.

The next two stories you will read are two horror short stories that I wrote and submitted to specific anthologies. The first, Spinster’s Manor, was actually accepted but the anthology was never published.

The second, The Monster In The Second Reel, made it past the first round of cuts in the anthology it was submitted to, but fell short in the final cut. The comments I got back on it lead me to think it was close to making it in.

Since they were both written with the anthologies’ very specific themes in mind, it would be hard to find another anthology or even a magazine that would likely be interested in them. So, rather than let them gather cyber-dust in my short stories folder on my computer, I’ve decided to run them here and let you all enjoy reading them for free.

The same rules apply, each week it will be one chapter of around 1,000 words in length. There are a couple of chapters that come up short of 1K, but the breakpoints were naturally there, and you’ll get a few chapters well over 1K in return.

We’ll start with the three-part Spinster’s Manor and then go to the five-part The Monster in the Second Reel. Each chapter will drop here, or you can keep checking the page devoted to all of the 1K Weekly Serials on this site.

Enjoy these two original short stories. And when the first Saturday in February rolls around we’ll have an interesting new serial to share.

*     *     *     *     *

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