New Cover For My First SF Novel

My first sci-fi novel, Maelstrom, was released a few years back. I did the cover for it but never really felt like it was as good as it could be. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of SF/F covers and I think my work is improving.

So I set out to update the cover this week and I like the new version a whole lot more than the old. Check it out and, by the way, you can get the e-book now for just $2.99, that’s $2 off the old price!

New_Maelstrom_EBook_Cover copy


Not bad, eh? And the print edition is now just $12.99 ($3 off) with a whole new cover as well.

New_Maelstrom_Cover copy


Planetary Anthology Series: Pluto

Tuscany Bay Books presents the first book in its Planetary Anthology Series: Pluto. Twenty-one tales of death and great wealth. Sci-fi/Fantasy adventures told by today’s up and coming authors.

Pluto, the Roman god of death and wealth, ruled the underworld far away from all of the other gods. So it was only fitting when, in 1930 and working on a theorized ninth planet proposed by Percival Lowell, Clyde Tombaugh used the telescope at Lowell Observatory to locate the ninth planet in our solar system, far, far away from its brothers and sister.

red spiritual smoke on black background with copy space

Then came that day in July of 2015. Like the Romans when they found themselves within Pluto’s realm and discovered it was nothing like the desolate fires of damnation assigned to his Greek counterpart, Hades, those of us in modern time discovered that Pluto was nothing like we had imagined since 1930.

That iconic photo of Pluto, with the heart-shaped plain later named Tombaugh Regio, told us that there was so much more to the planet. First, it was not blue and not just solid ice as so many had expected it to be. Just like Pluto’s mythological domain, the planet displayed a variety of features and composition.

In this volume, what you will find in the pages that follow are twenty-one amazing stories of death and wealth set around a wandering cousin far out in the cold edges of our solar system. You will find Vikings, knights, warriors defending home and hearth, of triumph and tragedy, and, yes, even the god himself. You will read tales of great courage and great loss. Of sacrifice for a greater good and of justice delivered to the overly greedy. You will even find the aforementioned Walt Disney himself.

Pre-order the e-Book here: Pluto. The print edition will be out soon.

Meanwhile, check out the book trailer here: PAS: Pluto Book Trailer

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The End Of A Long Journey Nears

It all started over two years ago, when I still called Thousand Oaks, California home. I’d taken on the role as co-editor, along with Dawn Witzke, for Pluto in Superversive Press’ planned 12-book anthology series.

A lot has happened since then. Starting with, I moved to Nebraska, dealt with health issues (my own and other family members), damned near quit as editor (it wasn’t anything Superversive had done and the issue resolved itself quickly), dealt with a myriad of delays that no one could have forseen or prevented and then woke up one morning not so long ago to an email from one of the other editors that SUperversive was stopping the series after only releasing the first five (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars & Jupiter)

That was a fun morning. Realizing two years of work had been for nothing is not the way to start your day. But there was a silver lining. Superversive was open to allowing another publisher to step in and take over. Well, I just so happen to have a publishing house up my sleeve and after consulting with the other half of the Tuscany Bay Books’ dynamic duo, we took Superversive up on their offer.

red spiritual smoke on black background with copy spaceToday, the first payoff arrived:

Pluto, Tuscany Bay Books’ first release in the Planetary Anthology Series, is now live on Amazon for pre-ordering. The book will upload into your Kindle devices on Dec. 5th. It will also be available for free to all KU subscribers.

You can pre-order your copy right here: PLUTO

And check out the book trailer right here: PAS: PLUTO

Many thanks to the 21 authors who contributed these amazing stories to the collection and who hung in there along with me over these last two years:

Like So Many Paper Lanterns – B. Michael Stevens               

Time Out For Pluto – P. A. Piatt                                                

A Brush – J.D. Arguelles                                                           

The Pluto Chronicles – Bokerah Brumley                               

Bat Out Of Hellheim – Corey McCleery                                 

The Rainbow-Colored Rock Hopper – J. Manfred Weichsel          

The Heart Of Pluto – Christine Chase                                     

The Case For Pluto – A.M. Freeman                                       

Marathon To Mordor – Karina L. Fabian                                

Miss Nancy’s Garden – Jim Ryals                                           

On Eternal Patrol – L.A. Behm II                                            

Pluto Invictus – W.J. Hayes                                                     

Worst Contact – Arlan Andrews Sr.                                         

Ambit Of Charon – David Skinner                                          

Sunset Over Gunther – Frank B. Luke                                    

Adaptive Reasoning – John M. Olsen                                     

Judgment Of Anaq – Andy Pluto                                             

Life At The End – Jake Freivald                                              

A Clockwork Dragon – Allen Goodner                                    

The Collector – Declan Finn                                                   

Yes, Neil D. Tyson, Pluto Is A Planet – Richard Paolinelli   


Now its on to working on getting Luna ready for her release date. As soon as we have that information, we will post it here. For now, check out her amazing cover:

Been Kinda Busy

Aside from the weekly 1K serial series, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting here. Well, the featured image above should be a major clue as to why.

A couple of years ago, Superversive Press announced that they were releasing a 12-book Planetary Anthology Series. They got five out – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter – but a series of events cropped up and a few weeks ago they made the tough call: It was time to shut the series down.

The good news is, they were open to allowing another publisher to step in and take it over.  Well, I happen to be a big supporter of this series and I have a chance to be in seven of the books.

TBB_WEBSITEI also happen to a co-owner of a publishing house – Tuscany Bay Books – and after consulting with my partner, we decided to step in and take over the series.

In a perfect world, we could start with Sol and work our way in order all the way out to Pluto. I’m sure this will not come as a big surprise to you: It ain’t a perfect world.

Thanks to Amazon, we won’t be able to re-release the first five books under our label and with new covers until February. Three of the books have either been ready for some time or has just become ready to go to print. So instead of making those editors and authors wait another three months on top of the year or more they’ve already waited we’re moving forward.

It’ll be out of order – but even Superversive was going to jump out of order if they had kept the series – and it’ll only be a total of 11 books (Dark Luna is out, but the stories intended for it will still run in Luna) but it will be done.

Pluto will be our first new release, followed by Luna and then Uranus. By then, we should be able to start releasing the original five. Once those are out, we will release Sol, Saturn and Neptune to complete the 11-book series. The order of the final three has not yet been determined.

It’s been a little chaotic over the past ten days, as you can imagine. And my schedule just changed dramatically. For one, I’ve withdrawn from two non-sci-fi anthologies I had planned to submit to in order to clear my schedule. I will still be releasing the third book of the Timeless series, Odin’s Runes, around Thanksgiving and I hope to get Book #4, Empire of the Golden Dragon, out by the end of the year.

But some other projects have been moved back on my calendar. Getting a series like this completed is a huge task, one of the reasons why Superversive made the decision they did.

That being said, I am excited about the chance to finish it. There are over 150 stories by dozens of authors – some you know, some you haven’t had a chance to read yet and a couple of new writers making their debut. Every volume is filled with incredible stories of sci-fi and fantasy that will make you laugh and cry and some that will do both simultaneously. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

You got a look at Pluto’s cover above. Check out the front cover for our next book: Luna, edited by Declan Finn.

Woman Climb Up Stairs to Fantasy Moon Heaven, Fairy Girl in Nigh

Books 3 & 4 of the Timeless Series

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up copies of my Space Opera/Steampunk/Time-traveling Space Pirates novella series yet, you really should correct the oversight.

The Timeless (Book #1) and Secret of the Sphinx (Book #2) are out and available in print and e-book formats across several platforms. (Links below)

The next two books are scheduled for release very soon. Odin’s Runes (Book #3) will come out around Thanksgiving Day and Empire of the Golden Dragon (Book #4) will be released around Christmas Day. Check out the recently finished covers:

odins runes copy

empire copy


The final two books of the series – Blackbeard’s Treasure (#5) and The Last Quest (#6) – should be out before spring of 2020. They are loads of fun to read and suitable for readers as young as age 10 that will also be enjoyable to readers as old as 110.

Here’s the links for the two books currently available. You can get The Timeless for $0.99 as an e-book while Secret of the Sphinx is currently $1.99. Print copies go for $7.99 each:


1564615499The Timeless E-Book Amazon

The Timeless Print Format

The Timeless E-Book Other Platforms






Secret of the Sphinx E-Book Amazon

Secret of the Sphinx Print Format

Secret of the Sphinx E-Book Other Platforms


1K Serials: Legacy Of Death, Ch. 1



By Richard Paolinelli

© 2019 Richard Paolinelli . All Rights Reserved. No copying or any other reproduction of this story is permitted with written permission.




It was a typical morning in the Bay Area. The fog had rolled in on schedule just before sunset the day before, leaving the air chilly and damp.

With just an hour of darkness left before the first dawning light of a new day, only a few people were going through their Sunday morning routine. Others were sleeping in late while many were out-of-town and not due back until later in the day.

Of those precious few who had ventured outside, hardly any had taken notice of the fire engine red Mustang as it passed them by. They would not have thought twice about the convertible’s top being down, this was California after all and they’d seen stranger things here, nor would the sleeping woman in the passenger seat covered by a large overcoat, have caught their eye either.

If anything, only the wooden expression on the face of the car’s driver would have caught their attention. His eyes looked hollow, staring straight ahead out into space, never seeming to look to either side. He’d been that way for hours now, weaving his way through city streets, crisscrossing all of the area bridges at least once throughout the night as if lost, looking for something that could never again be found.

He started across the Golden Gate Bridge toward Marin County for the second time as the fog unexpectedly started to lift. As he neared the midway point of the decades-old span, he pulled over to one side and turned off the engine.

A slight breeze was blowing away the fog, ruffling the folded-up newspaper lying between the car seats. Glancing down, he saw the huge headline above the pictures of himself and the woman next to him. His whole world gone to dust in one tragic night and less than six hours later it was on display for the entire world to see. He could imagine what the talking heads on television would be saying and he was glad he wouldn’t be around to see what the next day’s papers were going to look like.

Getting out of the car, he walked around to the passenger side and looked at his traveling companion. She was a lovely woman, just barely into her thirties, with strawberry-blonde hair that lightly brushed her shoulders

He removed the old tan overcoat that covered her and tossed it into the back seat. Anyone who’d seen them pass by would assume it was being used for warmth, but it had only served to cover the gaping wound in her chest. The wound had been caused by the passage of a large-caliber bullet, a bullet fired by him with the gun she had bought for him as a present less than a year ago. He was too stricken by grief to appreciate any irony he might have normally felt about that.

He took out his wallet and tossed it on to the driver’s seat along with the keys to the car, neither noticing nor caring that the wallet fell open to reveal the badge and identification of a San Francisco City Police Inspector.

As far as he was concerned, MacKenzie Bolton had ceased being a cop the instant he’d fired that fatal bullet. He drew his gun from its holster, then leaned over and gently lifted his victim out of the car. He quickly stepped over the barrier and leaned back against it as he glanced out toward the East Bay, waiting for the first rays of the sun to peek over the Oakland Hills as gentle waves of water from the Pacific Ocean splashed against the supports below.

* * * * *

Old Roscoe had been fishing in the same spot in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge for years. He found it peaceful and surprisingly quiet no matter what time or day he came. Every once in awhile he’d actually catch a fish, but as far as he was concerned that wasn’t the point of being out here at all.

Here he could sit and enjoy an up-close view of the bridge his father had helped to build and, when the weather was right, he could enjoy one of the best panoramas in the world, watching the ships passing by and not worrying about the daily grind of life.

This past week or so had been especially nice. Up until the day before, the fog had stayed away and he was able to come to his favorite spot and watch Dyson’s Comet setting in the east just before the sunrise.

The last time the comet had passed Earth was the same year that Roscoe’s mother had delivered him to this world. It was, to him, very much like an old friend dropping by to say hello and catch up on the past.

Roscoe had been disappointed to see the fog come back since the comet was fading away and would soon be out of sight again, but he’d come out anyway to fish and to just enjoy the day.

When the wind picked up and the fog started to thin, he was surprised and happy. He was overjoyed when the fog broke to the east just enough to reveal the dim light of the comet just before the sun broke over the hills.

“Hello, old friend,” Roscoe said aloud, grinning from ear to ear.

But before he could sit back and enjoy the last few moments of the heavenly view, his attention was drawn to motion on the bridge where there shouldn’t be any motion at all.

Roscoe squinted up toward the middle of the bridge and was able to make out what looked like the figure of a man, holding some type of bundle in his arms, standing on the edge of the bridge.

Before he could shout out a warning or call for help, the figure suddenly tumbled forward and plummeted down toward the water below. Roscoe could only watch in speechless horror as the bundle he’d seen in the man’s arms separated from the man’s grasp and Roscoe realized that the bundle was, in fact, another body.

An instant before the pair struck the water, the popping sound of a gunshot reached Roscoe’s ears and the old man knew he’d never again find any peace in his favorite fishing spot again.

* * * * *

This was the first chapter of a 10-chapter weekly series. Come back next Saturday for Chapter Two.

* * * * *

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A Tribute to H.G. Wells

I started reading early, very early. My parents have told me I started when I was three. All I can confirm is that before I hit the fourth grade I had discovered the works of Poe, Doyle and Wells.

They started me on my way to discovering many other authors and their great works of mysteries, thrillers, science fiction and fantasy. Herbert, Clarke, Rice, Crispin, Duane, McDevitt, Ludlum and Clancy. It also laid the groundwork for me writing my own books and short stories in these genres. But Wells will always have a special place of honor, being the first sci-fi author I read while Doyle holds that distinction in mysteries.

So when Belanger Books announced they were putting together an anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories set within the stories of H.G. Wells, I got right to work. My story was accepted and the anthology was released in 2017.

Not too long ago, Belanger Books put out a call for a tribute to H.G. Wells anthology and I submitted a story, The Fall of Denver. It was accepted and now the Kickstarter for this two-volume anthology is live. If you are a fan of H.G. Wells like I am, here’s your chance to enjoy 20 stories set within the many worlds Wells created.

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter: Tribute to H.G. Wells

There are plenty of options and rewards, as there always is with a Belanger Kickstarter. Check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Voting for the 2019 Dragon Awards are now open. Be sure and go to the website and register to vote and cast your votes for any and/or all of the categories. Its absolutely free and the more that participate the better:

Dragon Award Voting signup

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