“As we crossed the threshold the temperature difference between the air outside and the building we were entering was slight. But for some reason I felt a harsh, icy shiver travel the length of my spine.”

– Escaping Infinity, 2017 Dragon Award Finalist

Lost on a dark desert highway, Pete Childress just wanted a good night’s sleep. Now he must find a way back out of a hotel with no exits and where tomorrow never comes.



“I have waited for this day for many millions of your years,” the woman continued. “I feared that you would not come in time.”

“Who are you?” Matsuo asked, the first of the two men to find his voice.

“My name is Oracle Veritas,” she replied, “I am of the House of Delphi in the Caste Olympia. I have been tasked to tell you our story. There is much to tell and precious little time to tell it. Because a dark force is rising up once again. And I fear that this time it will destroy us once and for all.”

– When The Gods Fell

The first mission to Mars discovers our origin stories were wrong. Earth’s gods, led by Zeus, Odin, Ra, and Lucifer, waged a terrible war on the Red Planet millions of years ago; but the final battle still looms, and Earth will be the final battlefield.




“Reaching out with his right hand he snapped the curtain away from the pane…and came face to face with a hell Dante could never have imagined.

“Where am I?” he asked, trying to comprehend what he was seeing.

“You’re still in San Francisco, Dr. Collins, just one hundred and two years later. A lot has happened since you last saw the city.”

“You have a talent for understatement.”

– Maelstrom

Steve Collins was trying to save the world. He wound up killing over seven billion people instead. A century later, he’s the last hope to save the surviving million humans in the entire universe.



THE TIMELESS (Timeless Book #1)

Duchess Moran is tired of Earth’s interference in her felonious plans. She intends to change Earth’s past to put an end to it. Now, only Captain Rock Congo, First Mate Little John Singapore and the crew of the time-traveling pirate ship, Timeless, stands in her way.




SECRET OF THE SPHINX (Timeless Book #2)

Interstellar thief Duchess Moran continues her assault on Earth’s history. This time she travels back to ancient Egypt in search of a deadly secret: A gem that can raise an army of the undead to wipe out every living creature on the face of the Earth.



1556904841RESERVATIONS  (Del Rio Book #1) 

FBI Special Agent Jack Del Rio has been dispatched to the Four Corners area to bring an end to a serial killer’s deadly plan to assassinate the entire Tribal Council of the Navajo Nation.



1556904725BETRAYALS  (Del Rio Book #2)

Agent Del Rio is back in D.C. and uncovers a post-WW2 plot to overthrow the government of the United States from within. But with less than a week before Inauguration Day Del Rio may have to assassinate the President-Elect himself to save the country.


1593132618ENDGAMES  (Del Rio Book #3)

Del Rio has returned to the Four Corners but the conspiracy he defeated wants revenge. Now Del Rio will become the hunted as he tries to put an end to the last vestiges of the plot that has haunted him his entire life.





U.S. Marshall David Crockett Hall and Texas Ranger J.B. Armstrong are on the trail of two gangs of murderers in the Old West. Their mission: Bring the 13 killers back dead… and alive just ain’t an option.






Ralph “Babe” Pinelli’s last game behind the plate as a National League umpire was Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series. The journey of his life that brought him to that moment is as amazing as Larsen’s pitching was that day.





For nearly a century, high school football has been played in Turlock, California. As the town grew so did the games and the teams that played them. These are their stories.





SECRET STAIRS (Silver Empire) “Nothing Ever Happens Here”

PLACES BEYOND THE WILD (Silver Empire) – “The Enemy Of My Enemy”

PLANETARY: SOL (Tuscany Bay Books) “At Homeworld’s End”

PLANETARY: EARTH (Tuscany Bay Books) “Extinction Point”

PLANETARY: LUNA (Tuscany Bay Books) “Polar Shift”

PLANETARY: JUPITER (Tuscany Bay Books) “Icarus Falls”

PLANETARY: URANUS (Tuscany Bay Books) “The Last Human”

PLANETARY: PLUTO (Tuscany Bay Books) “Yes, Neil D. Tyson, Pluto IS a Planet”

A TRIBUTE TO H.G. WELLS (Belanger Books) “The Fall Of Denver”

SPACE FORCE: Building The Legacy (Midlands Scribes Publishing) – “CAG”



BWBEYOND WATSON (Belanger Books) “A Lesson In Mercy”

HOLMES AWAY FROM HOME (Belanger Books) “The Woman Returns”

HOLMES ADVENTURES IN THE REALMS OF H.G. WELLS (Belanger Books) “The Misplaced Mystery Writer”

THE ART OF SHERLOCK HOLMES USA 1 (MX Publishing) – “The Woman Returns”

HOLMES ADVENTURES IN THE REALMS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE (Belanger Books) – “Nevermore: or, The  Mystery of the Albino Raven”