“Reaching out with his right hand he snapped the curtain away from the pane…and came face to face with a hell Dante could never have imagined.

“Where am I?” he asked, trying to comprehend what he was seeing.

“You’re still in San Francisco, Dr. Collins, just one hundred and two years later. A lot has happened since you last saw the city.”

“You have a talent for understatement.”

– Maelstrom

Steve Collins was trying to save the world. He wound up killing over seven billion people instead. A century later, he’s the last hope to save the surviving million humans in the entire universe.

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What the reviewers are saying:

“Engaging Sci-Fi that sucks you into its Vortex.
I really enjoyed this sci-fi book, and from the opening chapters, I was sucked into the narrative. Paolinelli skilfully blends scientific accuracy with compelling characters that pop off the page. As a science writer, I found the premise engaging and plausible, the characters to be psychologically profound and the suspense gripping. The story is clear, and the prose lucid and is a short and engaging read for lovers of high concept narrative. Recommended.”
“Let me caveat this review by saying that I am not a huge reader of science fiction but am a reader with an open mind. Thankfully, I can say that being open minded has led me to a wonderful discovery in Richard Paolinelli’s book, Maelstrom. It is worth reading and I’m happy I did. The strong part of any science fiction story in my opinion is the ability to communicate a future world/thought/feeling in such a way that is accessible to the reader. What is immediately compelling about this book is the author’s ability to create a three dimensional character who sucks you into the drama as it unfolds. The events around him are not throwaway descriptions but integral to the overall integrity of the story. I was happily surprised by this. Even as a sci-fi novice, I found myself not only entertained by the story, but eager to read more. The book is a quick read, which is a testament to the author who demonstrates a skillful hand at taking the reader on an adventure he or she won’t soon forget.”
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