Escaping Infinity

“As we crossed the threshold the temperature difference between the air outside and the building we were entering was slight. But for some reason I felt a harsh, icy shiver travel the length of my spine.”

– Escaping Infinity, 2017 Dragon Award Finalist

Lost on a dark desert highway, Pete Childress just wanted a good night’s sleep. Now he must find a way back out of a hotel with no exits and where tomorrow never comes.

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What the reviewers are saying:

“First, the Earth blew up. It was done in the most AMAZING way… by accident! Then I found myself lost in BFE with two architectural engineers and I was going WTF just happened? That’s when I saw the Infinity Hotel out in the middle of nowhere and realized this was going to be one of those ‘try to keep up’ books.

Challenge Accepted!

The plot… OMG the plot!… is non-stop whiplash where the hell is this thing going and why is it so good! (<–intentional run-on sentence)

The characters… well, there are really only three important ones, but trust me, you will know all about them before it’s over with.

I really can’t say enough good things about how fun this book was to read. It was genuinely refreshing, and it was a mix of so many genres in one! Some of them are not even my typical reading fare, but they were written so well, so engrossingly, that I could not put it down.

5 HUGE stars for this book, and much appreciation to Mr. Paolinelli for writing it! I call it an INFINITELY AWESOME READ!”


“Escaping Infinity is a classic science-fiction novel much in the vein of Ray Bradbury of Harlan Ellison. (I am going to do my best not include spoilers, but I do mention some plot points of the book). The story begins with a grim introduction followed by a seemingly unconnected plot line. Peter and his friend Charlie get lost while driving on a business trip and find a fancy hotel named The Infinity in the middle of nowhere. They think it is their lucky day. To be blunt, they are wrong.

The book then becomes a bit of a mystery where Peter tries to figure out what exactly is the Hotel Infinity and how can one escape it (hence the book’s title). The plot is a page turner and the twist is one I doubt anyone will see coming. The characters of Peter and his co-conspirator Liz are well developed. I particularly liked Liz’s back story.

The story is well crafted, and I have to give credit to the author for using both first and third person points of view in telling the story in a way that wasn’t jarring and wasn’t gimmicky. I thought it added depth to our understanding of Peter and his puzzling out his different challenges.”

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