Why Copyright Matters

Ok, I think I’ve run off the last batch of trolls so let’s get back to talking about writing. One aspect of being an Independent Publisher is what happens after the manuscript has been polished to a bright shine: The book cover. I’ve seen some great ones and some not so great ones. Many authors […]

Trolls, Damned Trolls and Lying Trolls

It is the bane of every writer’s existence to have to put up with trolls. Even one of my all-time favorites – Edgar Allan Poe – had to tolerate the existence of a troll. (Only they called themselves “critics” back then.) Unfortunately, I’ve got one attached to me that I lovingly refer to as ChinaMike. China […]

To Absent Friends On This Solemn Day

My grandfather served in the Pacific Theater during WW2 along with other members of my family. In the years before – and since – on both my parents’ side of my family tree there have been those that served their country in times of war and peace. This is the case for most families in […]

Free Book – Limited Time Offer

I’ve talked about my political-thriller series a few times. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s your chance to read the first book of the Del Rio trilogy – for free!!! If you have a Kindle, go to Amazon on Nov. 8th and 9th and download Reservations, the first book of the series, for […]

Market Till You Drop

Happy Saturday writers. What did I do most of this fine day? I worked. I wrote some, I QC’d the latest chapters from the Escaping Infinity audiobook project, started taking auditions for the Del Rio Series audiobook project and welcomed quite a few new followers on Twitter. But more importantly, I marketed my books!!! Part of […]

So Now What Do I do?

Ok, I’ve scared you away from the vampires agents/big publishers, and I’ve scared the vampires so much they have resorted to name-calling only because they cannot refute anything I posted. (My favorites so far are MAGA-lover – I didn’t vote for Trump – Rabid – I was never a member of the Rabid Puppies during the […]