Dear Colin Kaepernick,

You and I both hail from Turlock, California – well, I was actually born there while you were born in Wisconsin and then adopted by a family that later moved to Turlock – but we both spent significant portions of our youth in that Central Valley city in California. Of course, I was there when […]

A Nice Review Of A Nice Book

Escaping Infinity just got another 5-Star review on both Amazon and Goodreads and I wanted to share the first paragraph: “This is a very nice book about very nice people. That’s not intended as a criticism; it is a relaxing change of pace not to have to deal with one of the surly anti-heroes that […]

The Road To Del Rio

One thing I want to start doing – when I’m not fighting off the Chinese Bot Troll Army of Arcadia – is to start talking about the path my books have taken from initial concept to final production. So we’ll start off with the recently concluded Jack Del Rio series. The initial idea was generated shortly […]

Attack Of The Chinese Bot Trolls

Sounds like the title of my latest sci-fi novel, doesn’t it? Sadly, it isn’t. What it is basically is a one-line explanation of what I and several other writers have been putting up with. In my case for about the last year but even longer for others. I won’t speak for them, they’ve been more […]

Question From A Reader

Q: Most authors stick to one genre to help create their “brand” but you write in several. Why?   A: Good question. The simple answer is I write what I read and I am an eclectic reader. I grew up reading H.G. Wells, Edgar Allan Poe, Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Louis L’Amour, Tom Clancy and sports. So I […]

Welcome new subscribers

So I am seeing an uptick in people signing up to receive notices of new posts and events here at my site. I just wanted to say hello, thank you for following me and I hope I can provide you with plenty of things to comment on soon. So, feel free to roam around and […]