A New Release For Christmas

The Spirits of Christmas – Past, Present and Future – have taught important lessons when visiting mortal man, lessons that softened the heart of Ebeneezer Scrooge. But what if their lessons had fallen upon deaf ears and a heart so hard it could crush diamonds? Old Micah Lyre has such a heart and the three […]

Goodreads Has A Credibility Problem

A few months back, about when the finalists for the Dragon Awards were announced, my good friends over at ChinaMike’s House Of 770 Vile Aromas decided that the true measure of a book was the number of its ratings on Goodreads. I don’t link to that Chinese Bot infested website, but the headline went something along […]

Missed Me On Dr. Paul’s Show? Fear Not!

So you missed the live broadcast and replays of my appearance on the Dr. Paul’s Family Talk show?   Fear not friends. It can be found – just the interview portion only – right here:   Richard Paolinelli Interview on Dr. Paul’s Family Talk.  Sadly, you miss out on some sports commentary – I agree […]

Radio Daze

I will be on the Dr. Paul’s Family Talk radio show out of Detroit at 8 a.m. (PDT), that’s 11 a.m. for you east coast folk, on Monday Nov. 27th. But if you miss it live, it will be replayed at the following times on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: (all times are EDT times): MONDAY […]