40 Years

40 years.

Four decades ago – as I sailed through the air, launched from the mast of a drilling rig by a high pressure hose when its safety chain failed and I was directly in its path about twenty feet above the ground – I decided that I was going to get serious about writing for a living. Assuming of course I landed in the soft sand between two pieces of high-speed machinery, instead of in one of them. In that case I would have been a smeer of jelly and no longer concerned with my future. 

Obviously, I hit the sand. And, also obviously, I got serious about getting out of the oilfield and getting behind a typewriter (and eventually behind the keyboard).

40 years.

Its been a journey. The path I saw before me back then is nothing like the path I walked for the last 14,250 days. There have been plenty of detours, ups and downs, stunning victories, crushing setbacks, unexpected course changes, and the occasional stop in a turnout or two where I seriously considered quitting on the whole thing. Among the many surprises I never saw coming, was to be the co-founder and publisher of my own small publishing house.

40 years.

And today I finally arrived at the destination I had in mind all those years ago. My novel, Reservations, has been optioned and is in development to be adapted into a feature film. I even got to write the adaptation and will be working on the upcoming revisions which are sure to come. 

But as I stand here I suddenly realize I haven’t reached the destination I had in mind 40 years ago at all. This is just the first checkpoint. I’m not even halfway up the mountain I started climbing back in 1982. There is much more work to do to get Reservations into production and on the big screen. After that, there are many more books of my own to write, and many more written by some amazing authors to publish.

After the first couple of years of this decade, which have been filled with loss, grief and despair, I felt 58 years old. After today, I feel 58 years young.

40 years.

40 years of an incredible journey behind me.

40 years of an even more incredible journey ahead of me.

I can’t wait to see what they bring…    


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