A Final Show

Please join us tomorrow night at 6 p.m. PDT/9 p.m. EDT for The Writer’s Block on LA Talk Radio.
We will be paying tribute to our late host, Jim Christina. Joining us will be Bobbi Jean Bell, Russ Avison, and Bob Brill who along with myself have sat in the co-host chairs during the show’s seven-year run on LA Talk Radio.
Author J.R. Sanders was originally scheduled to be on the show to talk about his latest book. A returning guest, and friend of Jim’s, J.R. will join us as we reflect on our friend and the last seven years of The Writer’s Block.
After tomorrow night’s sign-off, the show will go on hiatus for a period of time. When it will return, and in what format, are decisions that will be made in the days and weeks to follow. But at this moment, even if the show returns, I don’t think I will return with it. While I might drop in from time to time, I don’t see me being there every week.
This is in part due to my schedule which is changing, as well as needing to focus more time and energy on Tuscany Bay Books, now that Jim has passed. But in some small part, I would always feel like an intruder. This was Jim’s seat, and while I had no problem filling in for him from time to time, it doesn’t feel right trying to permanently take his spot.

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