Some Authors To Check Out…and they have a free book to give you too!

Most of you that follow what I babble about here on my blog have also signed up for my newsletter. (And if you haven’t then you really should. Because you can download a free copy of my H.G. Wells’ War Of The Worlds tribute story, The Fall of Denver, if you do by signing up here). I try to limit spamming your e-mail inbox to an average of once or twice a month.

But I’m not the only author out there with newsletters. So I want to share with you some links from time to time to a list of authors with newsletters to sign up for. They also are offering a free e-book download in return for you checking out what they have to say.

So check out these authors’ newsletters. Your Imagination newsletters or click this link instead.

So give them a look see. Perhaps you might find your next favorite author to read. Well, after me of course… 

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