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The Fall Of Denver

A few years back I wrote a short story as part of an anthology that paid tribute to the legendary H.G. Wells, one of my early favorite authors. It appeared in that anthology, even leading it off as the first story in the collection, for some two years.

Then, without explanation or warning, the editor/publisher pulled this story from the collection, replaced it with another, and uploaded the new version in a way that deleted all online trace of the original version of the anthology. I have a copy of the MOBI file saved and there are some print copies floating around – including one on my shelf – but other than that, this story was erased. As for the why this was done, you’ll have to ask the editor/publisher. Which is fine, because now I can re-release this story and share it with my readers. And that makes me happier than having it trapped in an anthology that apparently isn’t selling very well.

The Fall of Denver takes place simultaneously with the events unfolding in England during Wells’, War of the Worlds. Doubtless, even as England was being invaded, so were all the other countries around the globe. In this story we will find out how the invasion of the United States plays out in general, and how it affects the men, and their families, stationed at a Fort Logan near Denver, Colorado.

For Major Daniel Wayne, an arrow in his knee has ended his career in the U.S. Army. Shortly after he arrives at Fort Logan outside of Denver, Colorado to hand in his retirement papers, word is received of an extra-worldly invasion of England. Before he and the Fort’s commander can begin to process this information, the first Martian cylinder lands to the east of Denver.

Wayne is entrusted with the safety of the civilians at the Fort and in the surrounding area, taking them to the safety of the nearby Front Range even as the battle to defend Denver rages behind them. Wayne must keep the trust of his fellow officers to keep their families safe, and confronts the ghosts of his own past, even as he longs to join the battle.

You can go to your favorite e-book seller and purchase it for just $0.99. Here’s the global link that should cover most, if not all, options:  

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