Must Read Books: Triple Play Weekend

Okay, its a three-day weekend so how about we do three books you really should be reading?

First up we have Stand Against the Dark: Book 4 of the Avatar Wizard by Denton Salle.

“Many have died trying this, lad. The Elder Powers are neither gentle nor kindly.”

With those words from his teacher, Jeremy began the ritual to bargain with one of the Powers of the World. He could gain much or lose everything as the Dark again endangers those he loves. But first he must survive bargaining with the Lord of Storms and Winter, who brings the cold from between the stars.

Return again to the world of the volkh, where Elder Powers hunt the river of stars, where women walk the path of shadows, where cities fall prey to strange diseases. A world where power comes from either the Dark or the Light. Join Jeremy, Galena, and their friends as stand against the Dark’s return.

Book 4 of the Avatar Wizard continues Jeremy’s adventures in a world where magic works and folklore of Eastern Europe is true.

Our second book you should be reading this weekend is: Destiny, Book #9 of the St. Tommy Series by Declan Finn.

When Heathen terrorists try to slaughter him and his family while on vacation in Rome, NYPD Lieutenant Thomas Nolan must call upon every trick he knows to send the terrorist leader back to Hell. Tommy, by the way, is a living Saint who hunts demons. Think Supernatural, with a real badge.

The third book you should have on you to read list this weekend is: Daughter of Hades: Book 1 of the Love & Peace Series by Mack Little.

Dinny and her brother make their escape from slavery on the pirate ship the Hades. It is the last place in the world Dinny imagined she’d meet the love of her life. Lei, a Chinese exile, recognizes Dinny as the woman of his destiny. But their new life is shattered when her former owner seeks his revenge. With the help of their friends, family, and colleagues, Dinny and Lei will face the challenges of finding love and happiness in the Caribbean world of the 17th century.

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