Must Read Books: The Prisoner of the Dead by Megan Mackie

Every Friday I tell you about a new book by an author you really should be reading. This week’s book is:

The Prisoner of the Dead, by Megan Mackie

Only when he loses his freedom, does he find hope…

Baron is a wild man from nowhere with no past. After a zombie confrontation leads him to kill a strange man in cold blood, Baron finds himself imprisoned by an even stranger woman.

She is impossible. A child born of immortal scientists, who have dedicated their existence to curing the plague. From her, Baron learns a terrible secret: Everyone infected with the zombie virus, eventually comes back to life… only for the disease to rise up again a couple of generations later. No one knows why. But she might hold the key to ending the vicious cycle once and for all.

But only if this unlikely pair can survive the next outbreak…


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