Must Read Books: Time’s Abyss, by James Pyles

Every Friday (except last Friday because last week went pear-shaped on me) I tell you about a new book by an author you really should be reading. This week’s book is:

Time’s Abyss, by James Pyles

Something has gone horribly wrong on Piller Island.

Famed physicist Carson Everett has built a revolutionary device—a projector that can open up a doorway to anywhere, the crossroads to infinity. But once activated, it results in the Ka’ala effect, causing a global disaster.

Time and space run rampant, causing past, present, and unknown realities to collide. Dr Everett commissions six specialists to invade Falkon’s island stronghold in the South Pacific and attempt to shut down the experiment.

However, everyone on the strike team has a hidden relationship with the project, and one of them holds the key to success or destruction.

Burrowing deep below the chaotic temporal field, they must risk losing their way within the vast caverns and the abyss of time, taking a one in a billion chance of repairing both a broken Earth and their own shattered lives.

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