The Karen Kommandos Ride Again!

Or, in English, I’m back in Facebook jail again, barely more than 24 hours after my post about the invitation I received from SFWA last week. 

Unable to mount a defense, or even an intelligent argument against my post, they did what the Wokian Horde is known for: They combed through the social media of the “Wrongthinker” and found a post to flag on FascistFacebook and those beloved little ‘Bots did their duty. I drew a 24-hour ban for posting a popular meme, then drew an additional 24 hours for a previously flagged post that had also drawn a ban, said ban being overturned on appeal, thus proving that in the eyes of FascistFacebook you are guilty even after being proved innocent.

In addition to not being able to do anything on FascistFacebook until nearly midnight my time tonight, and not being able to post in any groups until just before midnight on Tuesday night, I have drawn the dreaded one month of having my posts moved lower in group feeds, I cannot use FascistFacebook Live for a month and I am not allowed to run FascistFacebook ads for a month as well.

My official response: Ouch, did someone just hit me with a dead flea?

Look, there are times when I go a week or two without doing anything on FascistFacebook so two days off is a big nothingburger. The groups I participate in are so small that we’re talking one or two post positions down, so I’m pretty sure when I post it will be seen. I’ve never used FascistFacebook Live and never will. And I haven’t run an ad on FascistFacebook in about three years because the things have an ROI of negative whatever amount of money I invested. 


So, yeah, ouch, you really got me this time, FascistFacebook!!!

By the way, the meme that drew the visit to FascistFacebook Gulag? It was, ironically enough, posted in response to someone stating they’d been tossed into FascistFacebook Gulag and had just gotten out. Here it is:



Its a thing we FascistFacebook Parolees do. We mock our FascistFacebook Jailers with memes. We even have medals and badges to celebrate our service time in FascistFacebook Gulag:




The only one I have yet to earn is the Page Eradication ribbon. I figure that’ll come soon enough. But I have other alternatives in place for that day, so again it will fall into the “That the best you got?” category when it comes time for me to respond.

When I posted my letter to SFWA, several friends asked me to post any responses I got from SFWA and related people. To be honest, I don’t expect to be posting anything. For one thing, I’m not going out looking for responses. If someone sends me a link to one, its a 50-50 call on if I’ll even bother reading it. They don’t matter to me at all anymore. For the other thing, they can’t refute a single point so all they’d reply with is strawman arguments and ad hominem attacks, like they always do.


Do I know with absolute certainty that it was a Karen Kommando connected to, or that favors, SFWA that did the deed? No. Unless someone steps forward and takes responsibility there’s no way to be 100% sure. But a stunt like this fits within their usual modus operandi so I’m fairly sure this is the case here.

Either way, I’ll be out of FascistFacebook Gulag on parole later tonight and clear parole sometime tomorrow night. And when when I walk out of that prison yard I’ll look back at the FascistFacebook Warden and proudly say:

In the meantime, if you’d like to buy one of my books and help me out with bail money and attorney’s fees for my next stint in FascistFacebook Gulag, check out some of the amazing sci-fi adventures, and page turning mystery-thrillers I’ve written:



And don’t forget that Galen’s Blade, Book #2 of the Starquest 4th Age is coming out next month. You can pre-order it here and pick up Book #1, Galen’s Way, while you’re at it.

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