Must Read Books: Lightsinger by N.R. LaPoint

Every Friday I tell you about a new book by an author you really should be reading. This week’s book is:


Teenage bookworm Mina Violet always dreamed of another world.

She never imagined that she would get stuck in one.

After finding a sword in an old fallout shelter, Mina and her friends are teleported to a land where they are hunted by monsters, thugs, and a power-hungry fanatic.

As they struggle to stay ahead of the threats, they realize there is much more at stake than just their lives.

Join Mina as she gathers help to save a world being plunged into a war that could strip the universe of magic. But will a mysterious hermit, a militaristic elf with an airship, and a talking vulture be enough to stop an ancient evil?

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