Must Read Books: Staff of Chaos by J.F. Posthumus

Every Friday I tell you about a new book by an author you really should be reading. This week’s book is: 

Staff of Chaos, by J.F. Posthumus (New Release)

When Raziel, the Angel of Mysteries, shows up at Catherine’s door, she knows nothing good will come from letting him in. She’s proven correct when she’s tricked into summoning the spirit of a deceased demon to help clear an innocent’s name.

Not only was Kevin Daniels a demon, but he was a keeper of the Staff of Chaos. A powerful artifact capable of destroying anything and anyone. Including the ever-thinning Veils. And it’s been stolen.

With only a few suspects, all demons, and little time, Catherine must locate the Staff before it’s used. To make matters worse, all sorts of chaos is occurring: from fights with her friends, to a furious purple-headed Minotaur bent on destruction. No one is safe from the influence of the Staff.

Can she locate the Staff of Chaos before it’s used? And even if she gets the Staff back, how will she repair the damage done to the Veils without sacrificing her life to do so?

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