No, Karen, My Facts Don’t Have To Agree With Your Feelings

I don’t do politics, its a waste of time, and serves no purpose to my primary goals: Write great stories and sell books.
To that end, I also don’t go around sifting through people’s social media posts to find something to call for them to be sent to the guillotine over either. People are allowed to have their own opinions that differ from mine without being called unclean.
There are 7.9 billion people living on this planet right now.
Here’s a newsflash: There is not one thing that all 7.9 billion are going to agree on – save being alive is better than being dead and even then you’ll likely be able to find a few dissenters on that point too.
It is absolute insanity, not to mention the height of hubris, to demand that they all agree with any specific point or opinion you may have on any subject. It is the right, if not the duty, of every human being to constantly question everything, no matter the source.
Far too many people are content to swallow the blue pill – accepting everything their puppet-masters spoon feed them and reacting violently whenever their bubble is threatened with facts that do not mesh with the narrative.
These reactions include attempts to silence anyone who questions the “program”, attempts to dehumanize them, to attack them and those close to them in order to intimidate them into silence.
Ironically, the blue-pilled sheep call this “inclusion” – among many other equally meaningless terms. Their actions in fact are anything but.
I have never, and will never, demand anyone who disagrees with me be silenced. That they be denied the right to speak their mind, to make decisions based on the conclusions they’ve come to based on the information they have read/listened to, to put food on the table and make a living, to pursue their life, liberty and happiness simply because I disagree with their opinions on any given subject.
Sadly, this is not a courtesy the blue-pilled care to extend in return.
So, if a person’s differing views on the pandemic, politics or anything else, sends you to your fainting couch, perhaps this is not the blog you’ve been looking for.
Here, open debate is encouraged, as is allowing everyone to be able to, respectfully, speak their mind.
You may call that red-pilled. I simply call it the way its supposed to work for a species that was granted free will by its Creator.
If you want to be plugged into a machine and be a mindless copper top battery, may I recommend the perfect place for you:
Its called Twitter.

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