A New Year, A New Plan

Like most writers, I’ve got a social media platform. I’m on Facebook. I was on Twitter until they nuked my account (oddly on the same morning when Facebook hit me with a 24-hour ban, that was overturned right before a 72-hour ban was imposed, which was also overturned a few minutes later). As this was the third time Twitter had nuked an account of mine, I’ve decided I’m done with that platform for good. I have no more time to waste on Twitter. But it appears someone was reporting posts and tweets that day trying to get me banned on both. Whoever that person is, congrats, you batted .500 for the day.

The only reason why I don’t bail on Facebook is because it is a good way to stay connect with many friends and family, and it has been of use in my chasing history searches. But as a book marketing platform, it has proven to be as useless as Twitter had become.

So, I am going to focus my efforts on my blog, my mailing list – Postcards From Infinity – and one or two marketing platforms that appear to be able to provide measurable results. I’ll be blogging more here and I’ll be sending out a weekly e-mail via my mailing list. The blog can be bookmarked here. You can sign up for the mailing list here. And I’ll be sure to post the others as soon as I have a link. I’m reducing my podcast – In The Superversive Spotlight – to whenever I feel like doing it. The next one is due next week when I interview Tosca Lee. After that, who knows? 

But I’ll still be on The Writer’s Block every Thursday night at 6 p.m. Pacific/9 p.m. Eastern, because that show is more fun than work. And I will be doing more TikTok videos as well as that seems to be a good place to promote books, even for an old guy like me. You can find my videos on Tik Tok here.

As for writing, I’m probably going to slow down a bit. Galen’s Blade will be out in April – you can pre-order it now -and I have three other books I want to finish in 2022 and hopefully release too. Part of the reason is because of Tuscany Bay Books. We are getting busier – we have five books coming out in the next three months and all five are available for pre-order now (White Ops by Declan Finn, Root That Mountain Down by Evan Balkan, Tom’s Revenge by James Edward Webb, Politics Kills (White Ops #2) by Declan Finn, and Main Street D.O.A. (White Ops #3) by Declan Finn – and that is demanding a little more of my time. And I have at least three family-related road trips that will consume a lot of time and energy as well.

I spent all of 2021 devoting my time and energy to work and, to be honest, it burned me out. This year’s theme will be “Balance” as its time to find the balance between work, family and fun again.

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