WorldCon 2023

The Usual Suspects have been sniffing about looking for my reaction to the news that WorldCon 2023 will be held in China after an alleged epic ballot-stuffing effort by someone in China.

I do keep telling them that I could care less where WC is being held, be it China or the back lot of a Flying J truck stop in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, and haven’t for a few years now. As a Con, WC is a nothingburger now as are the awards associated with the Con. Both have been left behind in the dust by DragonCon and the Dragon Awards.

But, since they seem to be insistent and keep popping up here, I suppose I should issue an official statement so that they’ll go away and I can focus on getting ready to announce the judges’ decisions next month for the 2022 Helicon Awards and get about recruiting the next set of judges for the 2023 & 2024 Awards.

So, without further ado, my official reaction to China winning the 2023 WorldCon host site vote:

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