Must Read Books: Life: 15 Short Stories That Honor the Imago Dei (A Doorway Anthology)

Every Friday I tell you about a new book by an author you really should be reading. This week’s book is:

Life: 15 Short Stories That Honor the Imago Dei (A Doorway Anthology)

A vibrant collection of short stories presented by Doorway Publishing that explores and honors the Imago Dei (the image of God) through 15 engaging fictional tales written by a diverse group of authors.

This collection focuses on the complete spectrum of life, from formation in the womb, childhood into adulthood, and all the way through old age. Each tale stands on its own and together they illustrate the complete value of life. Some deal with moral dilemmas grounded in a snapshot of time, while others explore the past, the future, and fantastical worlds to communicate the importance of preserving life. Experience the sorrow of loss, the joy of redemption, the thrill of harrowing adventures with heroes both ordinary and exceptional.

The imaginative expression of Imago Dei is needed now more than ever for a world surrounded by emptiness, isolation, and condemnation. The Life Anthology is a beacon of hope in a dark world, projecting the light of God’s promise in a unique way that reaches the heart, stimulates the mind, and calls the reader to consider His most precious creation. Us.

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