NEW RELEASE: Exploring Infinity

Book #2 of the Infinity Series is out today, Exploring Infinity, features eight stories by nine authors set within the mysterious realm of The Infinity Hotel from the 2017 Dragon Award Finalist novel, Escaping Infinity. This collection of short stories explores some of the people who were caught up in the Infinity’s collection web, as well as others who encountered the hotel but did not enter within.

We will learn of the ultimate fate of James Phillimore, who fans of Sherlock Holmes, will recognize as the central figure in a mystery that Dr. John Watson wrote about but refused to publish the story, filing it away under lock and key. We will learn about the source of the Tales of the Arabian Nights, the real Legend of Sleepy Hollow and we will discover that our universe is not the only one in a story that sets the table for next year’s full-length novel, Expanding Infinity, the full-length novel sequel to Escaping Infinity.

Exploring Infinity is available on all e-book platforms as well as a paperback and hardcover edition. The e-book price is $0.99 and for the rest of this month, Escaping Infinity is on sale on Amazon only as an e-book for just $0.99 as well. Get your copies today via the links below:








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  1. If any of the other authors have Amazon author’s pages, encourage them to add this book to them. Otherwise, it’ll look like just Sam Robb and me wrote the thing.

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