New Release: Exploring Infinity

In 2017, Escaping Infinity upended the Sci-Fi world. It brought home several awards, including netting being a Dragon Award Finalist that year for Best Sci-Fi Novel. The reviewers raved about it – perhaps my favorite quote from a review was this one:
“The plot… OMG the plot!… is non-stop whiplash where the hell is this thing going and why is it so good?”
On Sept. 10, 2021, Exploring Infinity will upend everything you thought you knew about The Infinity itself. You can pre-order the book right now on Amazon at: and it is just $0.99 as an e-book. The e-book will also be available on several platforms, including Apple, Nook and many others. Print versions, in both paperback and hardcover will be available soon too.
It features eight stories, one written by me, based on the coming and going of The Infinity as it wove its way through time to collect the residents of New Earth from the past. It will change your perceptions of the Infinity for sure and it sets up next year’s third installment in the Infinity series.
Here’s the lineup of stories:
A Time Apart by Aaron Van Treeck
The Unsolved Case of Mr. James Phillimore by Ann Margaret Lewis
Protector of the City by Dana Bell
A Teller of Tales by Sam Robb
Messis Quidem Multa by Frank B. Luke
Whatever Became of Ichabod Crane by Washington Irving and Lucca DeJardins
The Last Astronaut by James Pyles
Infinity’s Child by Richard Paolinelli
Brace yourself. Because in 2022, Expanding Infinity will upend everything you thought you knew about the very Universe.

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