Called it, Again!

Dang, I never get tired of being right:
In the early 2000s I wrote a column about efforts by the State of California to outlaw certain school mascot names like: Warriors, Indians, etc.
I asked when would it stop? At what point would ANY mascot name be deemed offensive and used as one example, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.
I was told back then that I was being over-reactionary and such a thing would never happen.
I give you, on this the 25th Day of August, 2021, proof that you should never doubt my ability to accurately predict just how stupid the human race can be in the future:

1 thought on “Called it, Again!”

  1. Color me surprised! The Fighting Irish are offensive. Nothing new there. The British tried to wipe the Great Gaels of Ireland out before, and all they succeeded in doing was scattering them hither and yon. I don’t see much changing now.

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