In The Superversive Spotlight, Episode #004

Legendary SF/F author, and one of the first modern day authors I read back in the before time, Jeffrey A. Carver, steps into the Superversive Spotlight. We talk about his longevity as an author and making the transition from established Traditionally Published author to an Indie Author.

After taking in our conversation, and some of the Puerto Rican sun from Jeffrey’s end of the conversation, be sure to check out Jeffrey’s work. I highly recommend starting with the Starrigger series, like I did back in 1980. And no, you aren’t seeing things, due to a recent dental procedure and an unexpected issue arising from it, I’m missing a few teeth on the upper half. Once everything heals up the permanent implants go in and I’ll no longer look and sound like Walter Brennan in Red River.

And if you’re still interested in hearing about what’s new in the Indie SF/F universe, check out my fifth, and most recent appearance, on SciFi Saturday Nite right here:

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