Must Read Books: Space Traipse, Season 1 by Karina Fabian

Every Friday I tell you about a new book and author you really should be reading. This week’s book/author is:

Space Traipse, Season 1 by Karina Fabian.

Space isn’t just the final frontier – it’s a great place to get into a helluva lot of mischief. Join the crew of the HMB Impulsive as they cause – then resolve – intergalactic conflicts, kick alien butt, and save the day by reversing the polarity of whatever. Based on the popular blog series, Space Traipse: Hold My Beer – Book One offers four episodes in binge-able book format. Plus, get a bonus episode because the author loves you and wanted to get this book past 40,000 words. Secure your station, crack open a cold one (of any beverage), and enjoy.

P.S. – I’m in Season 4, in case you want to check out yours truly’s stint in Star Trek spoofery.



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