MUST READ BOOKS: StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue Seven

Every week I tell you about a new book by an author you really should be reading. This week I’m changing it up a little and telling you about an anthology magazine you really should read:

StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue Seven

StoryHack is back with another batch of thrilling stories in a variety of genres. StoryHack is a short fiction magazine heavily inspired by the great pulps of yesteryear. First of all, yes, this is a magazine of short stories. StoryHack is done by Bryce Beattie, who runs the account @StoryHackMag on Twitter.

Here’s a sample of the stories within: 

Titan Up by David J. West
Can a modern man rise to the challenge when a muse mystically summons him to mythic Greece to rescue her from a titan?

Scylla’s Lair by Caroline Furlong
Muriel gave her voice to marry her true love and gain a human soul. But has it cost her more than she can pay?

Golden Echoes by J.D. Cowan
An agent goes undercover on a hidden planet to thwart a mad cult leader about to unleash a device that splits open the universe.

Eyes as Blue as Metal by Dominika Lein
After discovering a human upon a worn-torn planet, an alien commander is betrayed by an ambitious underling.

That Summer’s Evening Long Ago by Misha Burnett
How do you catch a criminal who uses magic to erase the memory of the item he stole?

Get Issue #7 here:

And the entire series here:

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