MUST READ BOOKS: The Anvil of Dust and Stars by Damon Alan

Every week I tell you about a book by an author you really should be reading. This week it is:

The Anvil of Dust and Stars by Damon Alan

In the future, the human race is slowly dying. After millennia of expansion, an enemy has arisen that is slowly pushing the human frontier back toward oblivion. The Hive. Soulless and emotionless, they are colonizing star system after star system. The victims of the Hive suffer a fate worse than death…

Against an enemy that is seemingly unstoppable, one woman fights and leads the crews of her fleet in order to save humanity. History has proven again and again that in the darkest hours, heroes arise. Heroes fight. And heroes find a way. Sarah Dayson is that hero in a dark and violent future where entire planets are swallowed into oblivion.

Follow the rise of Sarah Dayson from fresh cadet fighting for her life in a four man ship to Fleet Captain, where she’s commanding a squadron of ships designed for one purpose. War. The Hive may have the advantage in numbers, but they lack one thing that will always push humanity over the top. The will to live.

Ships will die. Planets will burn. But humanity will survive if Sarah Dayson has her way, no matter what the cost.

Book 1:

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