Readers Favorite Reviewer: 5 Stars for Galen’s Way!

Reviewed by Steven Robson for Readers’ Favorite

Galen’s Way: A Starquest 4th Age Adventure by Richard Paolinelli is a paradigm shift to a galaxy as distant in the future as it is in space: Andromeda, a place Captain Galen Dwyn calls home. As a mercenary in charge of the space ship Tempest, Galen finds himself drawn into intrigue by the lure of wealth beyond his imagination; a convoluted web of deceit, treachery, political plots, and galactic forces that will not only threaten his life but the lives of those he loves and the peace of all hominids. How Galen negotiates the challenges which are thrown at him will reveal his character and worth as an individual and will have implications that reverberate throughout the worlds of Andromeda, and into a future of uncertainty. Only the climactic end of this fast-paced action-adventure tale will determine the destiny of Galen’s Way; a revelation unexpected and shocking in its possibilities.

Richard Paolinelli’s Galen’s Way is a gripping story of love, hope, and the battles fought to overcome the evil and vile deeds of despots driven by the corruption of ultimate power. Melded into this mesh of plots within plots lies a number of characters that build great empathy with the reader as their characters develop real depth; people like Princess Rhianna, whose apparent vulnerability is underpinned by a steely fierceness powered by love, or Cassandra, the AI resident in Tempest, who has her own distinct personality, humor and feelings. Then there is Galen, who struggles with questions of his own worth, especially in the spotlight of blooming love, and ultimately has to confront his past and his destiny alone; something he seems very used to. All of the players bring a definite reality to this epic. It will engage you in an interesting story that you can’t wait to see unfold and equally can’t endure the passing of the final word. All told, a wonderful read with a first-rate ending that leaves the imagination in play.




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