Book Review: Beautiful, Frightening and Silent by Jennifer Anne Gordon

Last night I filled in for Bobbi Jean Bell on The Writer’s Block while she recovered from her second COVID vaccine shot. Having survived my own encounter with the side effects of that shot I can sympathize. Our guest author was Jennifer Anne Gordon who was on to talk about her award-winning horror novel – Beautiful, Frightening and Silent.

Its a ghost story unlike any other I’ve ever read and if Amazon would allow, I’d give it six stars. Its really that good.

(WARNING: From Here On There Be Spoilers)

The main character is Adam, an English teacher who less than a year before lost his wife (who he really didn’t love) and his 4-year-old son, Benny, (who he really did love) in a car accident that he survived. But his survival comes with a heavy price. His hip was badly damaged and he walks with a cane and a painful limp. But the worst scars are unseen. He already had a problem with alcohol prior to the crash (thanks to being abandoned to be raised by an evil grandmother as a child) and his is now a badly fractured soul in the months following the crash. His attempts to find comfort at AA meetings and grief counseling are futile before he even begins them. 

But he hears of a house on Dagger Island, just off the coast of Maine, where if one wants it enough, you can speak to the ghost of a lost loved one. For Adam, this house represents his last chance to remain sane, his last reason to remain alive, if he can speak once again to his lost son.

But Adam is not the only fractured soul in this story. The owner is Anthony, who had his own issues with his mother, and who has been haunted for six decades by the shade of the woman he was supposed to marry. The woman he murdered the night before the were to be married.

This spirit has haunted her murderer for 60 years, waiting for the moment when she can get her revenge. Waiting for Adam and his son, Benny, to arrive so she can begin a new life with the man she saw she was destined to be with thirty years before he was even born.

I will not give away the ending. I will say it is one of the better endings I have ever encountered in any book and this is one of the better horror/ghost stories I have ever read.

Kudos to Jennifer for this amazing read. I look forward to her future stories with great anticipation. 

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