Breaking Out Of A Funk

A fellow author and I were chatting online the other day and he remarked that 2020 had really beaten everyone up. It also seems 2021 has told 2020 to “hold my beer” and its been doing a pretty good job of outdoing 2020 so far.

Especially since February 4th, at least for me, as that was the day our 15 year-old rescue dog suffered a fatal seizure. Not five minutes after I carried him into the vet’s office, hoping for a miracle even though in my heart I knew this was the one we’d feared for nearly a year, I got a text that my father was being rushed into emergency surgery down in Texas.

Dad survived the day and is still on the road to recovery. But Waldo was not so fortunate and we spent the next week dealing with having him cremated, getting a urn for his ashes – a nice cherrywood cube that has his picture on the front and a sealed chamber with his ashes in a pouch wrapped within his favorite chew toy – and donating some of his unused food and some other items to a nearby shelter. In addition to wondering if there had been anything else we could, or should, have done for him there were the many moments when the silence of him not being here, the times during the days and night when he should be due for his medication but wasn’t here for it any longer.

It wasn’t until two weeks ago, when we drove down to Durango and officially adopted two puppies from a shelter there, that we realized we’d slipped into a funk when Waldo had died and our lives were out of balance. Its the main reason why I hadn’t really posted much here on the blog, aside from the Must Read and Superversive Spotlights. I hadn’t really felt up to writing anything since Feb. 4th. I barely managed the energy to get the last Planetary Anthology book, and my own novel, Galen’s Way, out during February. 

But now that the boys, Tesla and Jack, are settled in here life is swinging back into balance and I’m finally feeling like I’m getting back into the writing groove again. We will forever miss Waldo, you can’t have someone be a part of your life for nearly a decade-and-a-half and not miss them when they no longer are. But the boys are filling as much of that void as possible, especially Tesla who has Waldo’s coloring and the same white blotch on the forehead, not to mention he has a lot of Waldo’s personality traits.

I’m looking to post more reviews here, in addition to spotlights and features of other author’s books, in addition to my own books. Writing wise, I’m a couple of months behind now, but I’m thinking I can catch back up and still put out several novels this year.

The gray clouds that have loomed over Casa de Paolinelli have broken and the sun is shining again. 

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