MUST READ BOOKS: Seraphim, by Leslie Swartz

Every week I tell you about a book you really should be reading. This week’s book is:

Seraphim, by Leslie Swartz

Wyatt is a typical schizophrenic firefighter with daddy issues when his life falls into shambles. His wife leaves him, he loses his job and the voices in his head are getting louder.

Just when he thinks he’s finally made a breakthrough, a woman interrupts his therapy session, setting his life on a course more unbelievable than his hallucinations. Gabriel is the Messenger of God and she loves humans. But, when she’s called to save the world from a long-forgotten enemy, she drops everything and gets to work. Four angels, born human, must join with Lucifer and the vampire queen to stop the sadistic Lilith from destroying the Gate between Heaven and Earth, enslaving humanity, and slaughtering millions. Seraphim tells a disturbing, yet hilarious story of complex familial and romantic relationships on a backdrop of the Apocalypse. Set in present-day NYC.

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