A Journey of 37 Years Comes To An End, And Begins Anew

I’ve mentioned before in interviews that my first job was working on drilling rigs with my father. I started when I was 16 and stayed at it until I was 21 and a near-miss on the rig one day convinced me there were better ways to make a living. But during that stretch, in 1983, I started freelance writing.

It was as hard to break in back then as it is now but I stayed with it in my free time. I also began plotting out and even writing a Star Trek novel. It helped that part of our job required anywhere from one to two hours in each direction from the yard to the location. So while Dad drove, I sat in the passenger seat and hand wrote my Star Trek story.

Life got in the way, my newspaper career suddenly presented itself and I put the story away. But I never filed it away in the permanently forgotten stories file. It took awhile, but that original story concept finally saw the light of day in a way I never imagined it would.

After nearly a year, one new chapter every Saturday, the story of Bari Forelni in the Star Trek universe has been told. To be sure, it has changed somewhat since I originally began working on it back in 1983. The additions of the Enterprise and The Next Generation series allowed me to tell Bari’s backstory in fuller detail as well as go into how his time in the STU wraps up.

I am glad I was able to tell this story, and share it with so many other Star Trek fans. It is my tribute to Gene Roddenberry, my legacy to a universe that brought much joy into my life. And back when I scheduled the ninth and final chapter of the third part of, The Calling, to run this past Saturday I honestly thought that it would be the end of my Star Trek writing.

But, as it turns out, it might only be the beginning.

Because I realized, as I cut the final four planned chapters from Part Three that I had the makings of a brand new chapter for the Forelni clan in the STU. The voyages of S.S. Seeker, with a Forelni in command, open up a whole new universe of exploration.

So, later this year, I will resume the weekly Star Trek Fan Fiction here on the blog. Keep an eye out for The Calling: Seeker. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet read the first three parts of The Calling, you can do so right here whenever you want. It will always remain on this site and remain free to read.

Live long and prosper.

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