This Is Becoming Tiresome

So, now its Dr. Seuss?

What is it with the extremist left that hates dead authors? I mean, its stupid enough when these nattering nabobs of negativity, doff their pussy hat, mount Snowflake, their trusty unicorn, and scream their outrage like a million fingernails down a chalkboard at a living writer, actor, etc.

But going after a dead author? What is the endgame here, shrieking harpies of the Wokian Horde? Do you want to dig up their corpses and have them flogged in the public square?

At least a living author, artist, actor, etc., has the chance to defend themselves and explain what their thought process was – at least to reasonable people, a Wokian can never be considered capable of reason, logic, or intelligence – and put an end to the slanderous assault on their good name.

But for the last couple of years the Wokians have been targeting a lot of dead folks. Well, come to think of it, a Wokian by its very nature is a weak-minded coward so I guess going after a dead person is about a high a bar as they’ll ever be able to clear on the Outrage Olympic Games.

They targeted Laura Ingalls Wilder for the crime of accurately portraying how the settlers of her time viewed the Indian tribes of the prairies. I keep waiting for them to go after Louis L’Amour on the same grounds. In Wilder’s case they stripped her name from an award that’s been around for decades and are pulling her books from local and school libraries.

They went after Melvil Dewey, a man who promoted reading and establishing libraries, for crimes he may, or may not have committed. He may, or may not have been a little too much like Andrew Cuomo back in the day. There is also a document he wrote for a club in Lake Placid, if I recall, but again, nothing that requires he been dug up and strung up from the nearest tree over. Especially since no hard evidence was ever provided – unlike the recent photo that surfaced that will probably end Cuomo’s political career.

Then of course we have the infamous Jeanette Ng’s character assassination of John W. Campbell at the Hugo Awards then ended up with John’s named being stripped from an award that has born his name for decades as well.

The list goes on. There is no dead author the Horde will not go after… oh, wait, there is one. Marion Zimmer Bradley. She’s pure gold to them. They don’t want to discuss her enabling and even participating in the sexual abuse of children, even her own. Try and get a member of the Horde to condemn Bradley and all you’ll here is either crickets or this reply: “She’s dead, so what does it matter?”

Well, all of the people I listed above are dead and they matter a hell of a lot to you. Enough for you to try to chisel their names from literary history, Hypocrisy much, Wokians?   

The Wokians keep finding some new outrage to foam at the mouth over, some new creator to target and cancel. This “Cancel Culture” needs to be exterminated. Its practitioners crushed like grapes in a wine press. And since the wine would no doubt be sour the whole vat should be poured out onto the ground and spot salted.

Look, this is not rocket science, Wokians. If you don’t like something an author wrote, or posted online somewhere, or who he or she voted for or the color socks they wear on Tuesdays, fine. You have that right. You have the right not to spend a penny of your money in support of said creator. Find another one who is more in line with what you like and shower them with your fortunes.

But you do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, have the right to destroy that creator’s ability to earn a living – either with their works or at an unrelated job – simply because you’ve got your knickers in a knot. No one died and made you God. So stop acting like it.

I don’t engage in the practice. I despise the practice whole-heartedly. But I do find it amusing when they try to “cancel” me. My website host simply chuckles and flushes their complaints unseen. The same goes for Larry Correia and several others they’ve targeted over the past few years.

But others aren’t so fortunate. Others have been cancelled, deplatformed, terminated from their related and unrelated jobs. It is wrong and it has to stop. So does the banning of books. In the entire history of mankind, it has never gone well for any entity or person who has attempted to burn books, and in some cases, even the people themselves. One reaction I noticed after today’s announcement of a Wokian victory, came from a Blue Check Mark on Twitter. 

“Calm down,” he tweeted. “Its only six books. There’s still 39 Dr. Seuss books left.”

The banning of a single book, the silencing of a single creator’s voice, is an unconscionable crime to society as a whole. No one should stand up in support of any book banning, of any deplatforming of a creator, of any unpersoning of a single individual.

Upon that path lies Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Huang, Zetian, Torquemada, Robespierre and many more evil despots. If the Wokians choose to stay on this path, then they have chosen their own self-destruction. And we have nothing more to do than to get of their way and let them dash to their demise.

But, while we wait for the inevitable, their nonsense is getting quite tiresome. 

In the meantime myself, and many other great creators, are putting out entertaining content. Check out my blog for suggestions for new books to read. I’m getting started on my part of a multi-author epic saga, Starquest, started by John C. Wright. As fate would have it, I wrote and published the first official Starquest novel, Galen’s Way. Its already getting great reviews and it is the first of eight novels I’ve already mapped out from me alone. John has three that should be out soon and there’s plenty more to come.

So, shut the windows so the Wokians screeches do not disturb you and click on one of the links below to get your preferred method of reading a great space opera adventure while I get back to work on the next book.

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