The Unanswered Questions In The Sanford/Baen Saga

I’ll just toss this in and then call it quits:

Why did the Ohio News Media Association website go down an hour after I e-mailed them my questions regarding Sanford’s journalism experience and when it came back up his bio had been changed – deleting that he was a science fiction author and replacing it with he was a newspaper journalist and editor before joining the ONMA?

Why was this done in the dead of night, in the very early hours of Sunday morning when no one should have been at work?

What exactly ARE his journalism credits? His update bio says he was a newspaper journalist and editor, yet a web search shows no bylined material. What newspapers did he work for?

Why did he block me when I asked him if he had submitted anything to Baen instead of simply issuing his denial then?

Why did he wait nearly a full day before denying he’d subbed to Baen?

His denial is vague. He says “he never submitted a book to Baen”. Has he submitted a short story or other article to Baen? Has he subbed anything to Baen under a pen name and not his own name? Has he ever applied for a job at Baen?

If he does in fact have work experience at a newspaper, why didn’t he know to contact Baen and ask for some type of comment on the allegations he was about to levy at Baen? This is Journalism 101. You always contact the subject of a story and give them a chance to either respond or refuse comment.

What led him, if he isn’t the Baen type to begin with, to investigate the politics area of the forum in the first place?

Was he tipped off? Was he looking for some damaging information to use, as he did, against Baen and Weiskopf in order to (a) get her removed as the Editor GoH at DisCon III; (b) get Baen’s forum permanently taken down; (c) get Baen’s website taken down, as was done to Parler, and cripple, if not permanently damage the company; or (d) all of the above?

Did he work with anyone on gathering the posts?

Does he know the identity of the newly signed up user on the forum that posted some of the objectionable material shortly before he used it in his story?

If his motivations are a pure as the wind driven snow, will he refuse any Hugo nominations this year and next, including for Best Related Work in connection to this article of his?

Given he is a relatively unknown writer, how does he explain how rapidly his article was used to attack Weiskopf and Baen with the con runners at DisCon III AND the web providers of Baen’s website?

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