Sanford Responds, Sort Of

Intrepid slayer of the evil right and faux journalist, Jason Sanford finally answered the allegation that he’d recently had a book rejected by Baen before he wrote his hit piece.

He says he didn’t. Baen has yet to confirm or deny.

But lets give Jason the benefit of the doubt for now and say he didn’t, that he didn’t sub a short story or even just query Baen about a possible project that was rejected.

Why didn’t he just say so when I sent him this tweet: 

@jasonsanford Did you have a book submission to Baen Books that was rejected before you wrote the recent attack article against Baen? If so, you have violated the ethics of journalism and disgraced the field as a whole.
He could have simply replied that the allegation was not true. Instead he instantly blocked me without response and waited nearly a full day before addressing it, despite many others bringing it up to him.
But again, lets say he didn’t and remove revenge from the table for now.
He still hasn’t explained why, if he found these comments on Baen’s forum to be so egregious that he had to shout the news to the world at large, he didn’t attempt to contact anyone at Baen about them first?
Once he decided to write the story, why didn’t he reach out to Toni Weiskopf for comment on what he was about to allege? That’s pretty much Journalism 101, you contact the target of the story for comment before you go to press and if they refuse you put that info in your story. He did no such thing.
There are still many questions, beyond his true motivations behind the hit piece, regarding how he cherry-picked and altered certain information to give his story the pre-determined slant he wanted on it.
I doubt we’re ever going to get those answers from him. Currently he is basking in the glow of a small sub-set of SF/F that lives in sewage. They are praising him for his “journalism” today and I have no doubt there will be a Hugo nomination in his near future. Its how this crowd operates.
But the sad truth remains, Jason Sanford has done irreparable harm to the institution of journalism this last week. The profession is already suffering from partisan hackery being put forward as journalism these days, leading to a lack of faith in the field by the general public.
Sanford’s efforts won’t be the final nail in the coffin of journalism, but it will definitely be one of the nails present when a once honorable profession is finally laid to rest. 
Cause of death? Self-inflicted wounds to its credibility following years of neglect in standards of ethics and integrity in the field by its practitioners.  

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