ONMA Doubles Down on “Journalist” Jason Sanford

I have yet to receive a direct reply to my letter to the Ohio News Media Association’s President and Trustees regarding Jason Sanford.

I say direct reply because it seems they have reacted to my e-mail. Yesterday, when I scanned Mr. Sanford’s bio it mentioned he was a science fiction writer, but nowhere did it say anything about his experience in the newspaper field. I wish I had taken a screen shot yesterday – to be honest I didn’t think about it at the time – but I should have.

Because shortly after I sent my e-mail, the ONMA website went down. This morning it was back up and Mr. Sanford’s bio was changed. No longer does it mention his sci-fi creds. But it does now mention that he worked as a newspaper journalist and editor, although not where he did so.

Here is the most recent screenshot of Sanford’s bio on the Wayback Machine, dated Oct. 26, 2020, which is word-for-word the bio I read last night:

And here is a screenshot taken today after the ONMA website came back up:

I note now that I have attempted to contact Mr. Sanford for comment, he blocked me. In addition to the orginal e-mail to the President and Trustees of the ONMA I have sent this follow-up e-mail along with the two screenshots:

There has been a new development that I would like to ask you about:

Before I e-mailed you last night, I checked Mr. Sanford’s bio on the ONMA website. It made no mention of previous newspaper experience.  Shortly after I e-mailed you, your website went down.

Today, I checked the site and Mr. Sanford’s bio has been updated.

I have attached two images. One is from the Internet Archive, dated Oct. 26, 2020, which is word for word the bio I read last night. Sadly, I did not screenshot last night’s page as I did not think an ethical news association would engage in such low behavior. But rest assured, the first image is word for word what I read last night.

The second is the updated bio that appears today.

It appears you have decided to attempt to prop up Mr. Sanford as a journalist. So I must ask the following:

Are you aware of the allegation that Mr. Sanford had a manuscript rejected by Baen prior to his writing the piece?

Do you think he should have made this fact public, or addressed the allegation, as a disclaimer in the piece or after the allegation came to light?

Do you think it is appropriate for any journalist to write a negative article about a company that has rejected a submission and/or application for employment?

Do you think it is appropriate for a journalist to alter facts and quotes in an article so that they allign with his/her pre-determined outcome?

Do you think it is appropriate for a journalist to write a story about a person or entity without contacting said person/entity for comment? 

I await your responses.

Richard Paolinelli

Am I expecting a reply? Not at all. The fact that they stealth edited his bio in the middle of the night speaks volumes about what the people that run the ONMA think about journalistic ethics, integrity and values.

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