The Ending of a Great Adventure

Today marks the ending of a most unexpected journey.

Planetary Anthology Series: Saturn released earlier today. The 11th – and final – book in the series that began with Superversive Press and closes under the Tuscany Bay Books’ banner. If you’ve followed this blog you already know most of the details. Superversive got five of the books out – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter – before they had to close shop. Tuscany Bay stepped in, re-releasing the original five as well as release the last original six – Pluto, Luna, Uranus, Sol, Neptune, and, finally, Saturn. Its fitting, and it was intentional, that Saturn be the final book. One of its themes is endings after all. 

There is still some final work left, getting the last six audiobooks out, but Gareth Richards has that so under control there really isn’t much work for me to do save listen to the final product and approve it for release. Which means I can turn my attention back to my own writing again.

But I cannot deny that today, as I look at my bookshelf with all 11 books on display, I feel a greater sense of pride rather than sadness. Yes, the work is done. The journey has ended. But it was an epic one, filled with highs and lows that ultimately ended with the goal achieved. There was also a surprise or two, including one of the stories collecting a Helicon Award. That is was one of two original stories we added to Planetary: Mars for our re-release only makes the award that much sweeter. A huge shoutout to James  Pyles whose story, “The Three-Billion Year Love”, collected that honor.

And a huge shoutout to all 90 authors and 12 editors who composed, selected and edited the 193 short stories that filled these 11 volumes. Without you we would have had 11 books filled with blank pages.

And with any epic journey there is also one last surprise.

We are exploring the possibility of release all 11 books in hardcover format. More on that to come. But for now its time to set back and enjoy a job well done. 

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