Superversive Sunday Spotlight: Michael Peirce

Welcome to this week’s Superversive Sunday Spotlight. Every week we will chat with a Superversive author that you really should be reading.

This week we welcome Superversive author, Michael Peirce:

How long have you been writing?

Since the mid-seventies.  I was out in Hollywood doing the rock star thing and apprenticed under a screen writer.  We created six screen plays that never went anywhere. Been writing in various venues ever since.

Which writers inspire you?

Well, in the interest of truth, very few, at least in terms of influencing my own work.  I can be inspired and feel all jazzed after reading a well written adventure tale but then I set down my sword and go back to my desk. My own writing seems to come from me, so I guess I’d have to think on that.  However, I do get a huge kick, and a reminder to never slack off when I read a great line or encounter a first rate structure. But that’s entertainment, writing is almost like work, only it doesn’t suck.

So, what have you written?

Everything from screen plays to menu blurbs.  I’ve written for magazines and was a columnist at, a libertarian web site.  I currently have a highly allegorical Z-War series which explores how poorly political ideals survive a holocaust.  It examines what it takes for a single state to become militarized enough to survive alone and delves deep into the underlying problems of insanity and ptsd.  Based in part on my own experiences.  Lots of (non- graphic) romance as well.

My latest release is a fun filled nonfiction account of music and mayhem called “African Days Hollywood Nights.” 

I have a number of short stories floating around as well, four of which are in anthologies where the proceeds go to veteran’s causes.  It can all be found here:

What draws you to Superversive writing?

Facebook. I may have encountered you on 20BooksTo50k.  I like good conversation about writing.

What are you working on at the minute?

“Red Dirt Zombies V: Life in the Q-Zone.”  Post war look at the people who fought and won the Z-War as they deal with growing mental health problems and a new threat.  Developing my sort of ensemble cast of characters in what for them is a new reality. Not every soldier relishes peace. The Q-Zone is based upon the 18th Century Austrian Grenzers – part time soldiers who defended the borders.  The concept is supposed to allow shell shocked troopers to “Come down slowly.”  It’s about half way complete.

Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

I’m cursed – a speed reader.  I go through several hundred or more books a year.  I like David Simpson, David Guenther, HP Lovecraft, John Holmes, Shawn Chesser, Bernard Cornwall, Adrienne Lector, Trevanian, John Birmingham and many more, including military history authors like Max Hastings.  For the record, that list changes frequently.  I’m a big fan of military sci fi and I’m finding more good ones out there all the time like William Allan Webb and JR Jackson.  And now I feel guilty because I know darn well I’ve failed to mention authors I should have.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

I have an Amazon page.  My website is a shambles but it’s  I’m on FaceBook as or MikePeirceAuthor. I routinely post snippets of my work and flash fiction there. I’m on Twitter but rarely check in.

Thanks for sharing Michael. Be sure to check out Michael’s books and be sure to check back next Sunday for our next chat with a Superversive author.

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